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A Rohingya Brutally Killed in Southern MaungDaw

RB News 

Translated by M.S. Anwar 

Maung Daw, Arakan- On Friday evening, a Rohingya named Sayed Ullah S/o U Siddique (31 years old) from the village of Udaung, southern MaungDaw, was killed by the Rakhine terrorist while he was looking after his Betel farm. 

The whole news is as follows. 

Around 7PM, Friday evening, Sayed Ullah S/o U Siddique (31 years old), from the village of Udaung left his house in order to look after his betel farm located nearby a NaTaLa (Rakhine) village. Although his family tried to look for him since he was not back home in time, yet they could not do it because of the curfew order (martial law) imposed on Rohingyas in the night time. And he was found dead with the sword-hacked-injuries next morning. 

“Since last Wednesday, the NaTaLa villagers have been being given trainings on how to use guns and swords. It is certain that Sayed Ullah was chopped by the Rakhine extremists since his farm is nearby the Rakhine village. As soons as we found out his dead body, we informed the village administrator U Tin Maung and NaSaKa in the commandment area No. 8. Authority came to the scene and went back merely looking at the dead body. 

In fact, normally, if such a crime takes place, authority takes pictures of the dead body and measures the area where crime takes place. Since the authority will not file any criminal case against them, they did not carry out their normal procedures. Authority just asked the people to take the body home. In the Rakhine villages in Maung Daw, the weapons have been distributed to Rakhines and on top of that, the trainings are also being given. Therefore, Rohingyas worry that Rakhine extremists will come to attack them for the third time in the coming March” said a local Rohingya to RB News

“In the evening, Police came to the Udaung Village and said “we have to take the body to the hospital for investigation.” And then, Police took the corpse away. The Police are just trying to destroy the evidence and cover up the crime. In fact, they have been doing so since last year. We have to do as the authority say. Even when we complain against such kind of destruction of the evidences of Police, no actions are being taken against them” he continued.

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