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Narcotics Lords and Terrorists Rings Unmasked

M.S. Anwar
RB Article
November 3, 2012

When you look deeply into the violence against Rohingya and Kaman people in Arakan, you will find that Rakhine extremists are giving full collaboration to the Burmese regime in the killing and cleansing of these people. Rather, Rakhine extremists led by their self-centered and terrorist leaders and skinned-head fascists in saffron are rushing to kill more Rohingyas and Kamans and destroy their properties beyond and breaking the government’s instructions. That’s something that Burmese regime doesn’t want to take place because they fear that their crimes against humanity will be exposed. Above all, why is Burmese regime instigating such violence against one of the most persecuted people on the planet? Why are Rakhine extremists rushing to root out Rohingyas and Kamans sooner rather than later? The answer might be simple to those who have ample knowledge on Socio-Political nature of Burma and History of Arakan.

Burmese regime has instigated the violence to divert the attention of the people from the political problems it was facing and gain political advantage. According to many Burmese political analysts such as Dr. Maung Zarni and Prof. Kan Bawza Win, it is a deliberate attempt of the regime to militarize Arakan so that they can give protections to the foreign investments especially of China and India and forthcoming investments of US. But for Rakhine extremists, they see this initiation of the violence as the perfect opportunity to make their long-awaited dream come true. Their dream has always been “having a separate and independent Arakan.” Therefore, it is not surprising that Rakhine extremists are rushing and breaking the guidance of the regime to wipe out Rohingyas and Kamans (who are Muslims) that have become stumbling blocks to the achieving of their dream.

For this very sole purpose, Rakhine extremists and separatists have been smuggling lethal weapons through various means into Arakan for months now. According to leaked information out of a reliable source, there is a rich Rakhine man called U KYAUK TAUNG in Taung Gote, who is known as a Wood trader to many. Reports have it that he has very close-relationship with the president, U Thein Sein, too. But what many don’t know and might be the most shocking thing is he exports DRUGS and other NARCOTICS putting into the Wood-Blocks by Boats to Bangladesh and in return, he imports all the dangerous weapons necessary to fight for and separate Arakan. His trading partner (i.e. the buyer of DRUGS and NACORTICS and seller of the WEAPONS) is a famous Bangladesh MP in Cox’s Bazaar District. He is known as MP BAWDEE.

Therefore, there are no inspections of the boats of U KYAUK TAUNG docking at the Cox’s Bazaar Sea-Port although every boat docking at the port are checked up by Bangladesh authority. From there, the mentioned MP supplies the DRUGS and NARCOTICS to other various Narcotics and Drugs Lords to sell in the country and export to other parts of the world especially Western Countries. Therefore, it is a responsibility of those anti-narcotics agencies of western countries as well as of the whole world to fight against these narcotics lords to save their citizens.

President U Thein Sein might be well aware of U Kyauk Taung Drug Export Business taking his close-relationship with him into consideration. But he might not know that he is importing the dangerous weapons to separate Arakan, which is against the state-policy of the regime. By cooperating with the regime in killing Rohingyas and Kamans, Rakhine Drugs Lords cum terrorists are not working in favor of but against the state policy and rather implementing their own policy. Burmese government and their intelligence are perhaps aware of the policy of Rakhine terrorists. After all, they are finding out many illegal weapons in the hands of Rakhine terrorists and subsequently seizing them out of their hands.

Recently, in Kyauk Taw Township, the authority has seized more than 400 AK-47 from the hands of the Rakhine terrorists. But state-newspaper said they were about more than 70 guns. Therefore, the government ordered the people of Arakan to hand over all the weapons to the authority. However, the-state government is composed of Rakhines and that will not only try not to hand over the weapons that their people have but also try to manipulate and to buck up all of their blames to Rohingyas and Kamans unless the central government carries out the initiative effectively.

As I were saying, the regime led by U Thein Sein and invisibly controlled by the former head of the dictatorial government, Than Shwe has also released the former general and chief of the military intelligence, Khin Nyunt, who has the vast knowledge and experience on Arakan and how to plot certain things to create violence. Reportedly, he visited Arakan state and directed Rakhine extremists on how to begin the violence. Now, he has been closely working with a skinned-head fascist terrorist in saffron, Wirathu and conspiring to create unrest all over the country so that the regime can crawl back to the previous military dictatorship. This time, the government will claim that they have to coup the power because of the unrest in the country and people’s demand as in the case of OIC matter. China, US and other capitalist countries will keep silent because for them, doing business in Burma is above anything and precedes everything.

To the Peace-Loving Burmese Community, Rohingyas are not the enemies of the state but rather happily want to cooperate in the country’s development. They are made scapegoats on account of their different race and religion by the government and Rakhine separatists for their respective interests. In a country where the government itself has the tendency of terrorism and the links with terrorist rings, everyone will tend to behave like terrorists. If this situation in Arakan continues and general Burmese fall in the traps of these terrorists rings, not only Rakhine drug lords cum terrorists will have chances to separate Arakan but also the brutal regime will be ruling the country for next 300 years or forever. Therefore, it is the high time for all general Burmese to differentiate and understand who are working in favor of the country and who are against.

M.S. Anwar is an activist and student studying Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies at Westminster International College, Malaysia.

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