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Rohingya Refugees want ID card and Travel Document as "Myanmar Rohingya"

Today Rohingya are in critical situation not only in Myanmar but even in other countries where we think we will be safe. Among them one of the worst is Bangladesh where Rohingyas are living in dire situation. Why can’t we raise our voice for them, peacefully and logically. We are dying in our own country as well as in other countries too. While we are unable to save our lives inside our country, we can at least do something for the peoples who are suffering in other countries. It is our advice to our leaders that if we can outcry collectively with some of these 3 points.
 1. We have spoken many Rohingya Refugees who said that they want to return to Myanmar as soon as their Citizenship Rights and Civil Liberties are guaranteed. Until these rights are guaranteed in Myanmar, they want to stay, work and educate their children in other countries. They feel that Bangladesh is too poor and the elite, administration and media in Bangladesh are very unfriendly. So they usually try to go to Arab countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe and USA. They need ID card as Myanmar Rohingya and want to travel with genuine legal travel documents. But at present for traveling to other countries they are obliged to obtain Bangladeshi Passports with false identity as Bangladesh National.
2. We think, international community should find out ways to convince Myanmar government to restore full citizenship rights and civil liberties of Rohingyas in Myanmar and expedite the process of voluntary repatriation of the Myanmar Refugees.

3. ID Card and Travel Document should be issued to all Rohingya Refugees and asylum seekers in Bangladesh – whether documented or undocumented. Otherwise, these Rohingya refugees may become stateless permanently, and Myanmar Junta’s cruelty & Human Rights abuses will increase and their military ambition may bolster to threaten the security of its neighbors.

Mohamed Ibrahim 
European Rohingya Council 
Media, Information and Organizing  
RB News  Desk.

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