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Myanmar Police receive license for robbery in Arakan

On 16th October, 2012, at around 10:00am, a Rohingya, Esuf (F) U Aman Ullah, 30 years, from Alel Than Kyaw, Mawttu La Ywa, Maungdaw south, was arrested by a policeman, Win Than Oo (Du Ray Oak- One Star in rank), Camp-in-charge for Maw Ra Waddy Police Camp, while the victim was having a tea in the teashop of Rofique in Alel Than Kyaw market. The arrester meaninglessly demanded one million Kyat from the arrestee soon after the incident occurred. As the arrestee was unable to comply the demand of the said police, the police hand-capped and brought the victim to his camp. According to the report received in the evening, he was sent to Maungdaw downtown Police Station. The arrester informed the family of the arrestee that the victim will be released immediately if five lakhs (half million Kyat) of cash money is given to the arrester. This is not the only incident occurred on Rohingyas. These types of incidents have been being occurred before and after the violence in Rakhine State upon Rohingyas.

The very policeman had taken Fifty Thousand Kyat from another Rohingya on 14th October, 2012, by arresting the victim, Mohammed Ali (F) U Jamal, 52 years from the same village aforementioned. Interesting as well as funny that the said policeman told the victim after release that he arrested him just to get money as a help.

Even disables inescapable from Police and Police Family

Hla Myint (One Star rank in Police) is an in-charge for Crimes Detection Group in Maungdaw Police Force, who and whose family live in Ward-1, Jetty Road, by hiring an apartment on second floor of U Shobbir’s Building. Near the ground floor of that building, his wife sells a pretending betel shop. In reality, by taking protection from her husband, she involves in many types of both legal and illegal businesses, such as servicing Bengla illegal mobile phone, selling Yaba tablets (famous as ‘WY’), and so on. Just for show as legal business, she also sells seasonal fruits and vegetables. As a businessman, she has interaction with different people including many Rohingyas. A Rohingya, who is the son-in-law of Mohammed Alom (F) U Futunnya from Ka Nyin Tan (Shiddah Fara), Maungdaw suburb, has some deals with her. Mohammed Alom is a dumb (cannot speak since born) and he works as a labourer in Ka Nyin Tan market. Before the violence in Maungdaw, the son-in-law of the dumb had bought some oranges from her and he had to pay back some amount of money to her. For this deal, her husband, Hla Myint, searched for the debtor. When he was not found, Hla Myint arrested the debtor’s father-in-law, who is a dumb as detailed above. After the arrest, Hla Myint brought the victim to his private hired apartment and the victim was inhumanly tortured the whole night. When Hla Myint observed that the victim seemed to be dying soon, he called two of his colleagues who are policemen as well, and handed over the victim to his colleagues to bring to police station in order to keep in detention. The fortune of the victim was unknown till reporting time.

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