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Free Rohingya Campaign (FRC) Receives Registration in the United States as an NGO

Press Release
Dated: Oct 29, 2012

The co-founder of Free Rohingya Campaign (FRC) in New York City, USA, is pleased to announce the achievement of registration from the Office of the Secretary of State in Oregon, USA. FRC, now as a legitimate NGO in the United States, is fully functional and advancing towards its goals in cooperation with government agencies and NGOs worldwide for restoration of basic human rights and political rights of the Rohingya ethnic minority in Burma (Myanmar). At present, the FRC consists of various organizations and, based in various parts of the world. 

Programs and Agendas of FRC 

· FRC is initially taking some activities in order to promote its campaign in the face gravely deteriorating situation of Rohingya: 

· Organizing Rohingya regardless of their current residence or refuge Inspiring and engaging Rohingya youth in their cause for the salvation and educational development.

· Creating a sound political, social and cultural environment among internally and externally displaced Rohingya community.

· Lobbying Rohingya senior and junior intellectuals, politicians, dissidents and activists.

· Creating extensive awareness among our Rohingya, local and international community.

· Promoting Rohingya brotherhood and in-community development.

· Gearing up potential activities for the restoration of democracy and fundamental human rights.

· Bridging the distance and difference among Rohingya and other ethnics of Burma.

· Drawing worldwide attention to the Rohingya problems and issues

· Lending support and cooperation to the other democracy activities in and out of Burma.


Nay San Oo
Co-founder, Free Rohingya Campaign (FRC)
Tel: 1-646-821-1475 Email:

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