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The Rise of a Eichmann’s Hell in Burma (Part 3)

M.S. Anwar
RB Aricle
September 9, 2012

President Thein Sein: An Oxymoron and Liar 

Recently, President Thein Sein claimed “the riot in the region is not religious but communal. International community and media are politicizing the matter,” while they have been instigating violence against Rohingya and propagating racial hatred among general Burmese people and to turn them against Rohingyas by using Buddhism as a tool. Government and Rakhine extremists accuse Rohingyas to be threats and dangers to Buddhism. Therefore, Rohingyas need to be cleansed. 

Moreover, President Thein Sein recently in an interview to VOA said “Bengalis (his own term for Rohingyas) have been living there for generations. We have been considering modifying 1982 citizenship law.” Is it not contradictory to his earlier statement to UNHCR Chief Antonio Gutterres “they are recent Bengali Immigrants and the only solution to the problem is to settle them in third countries?” Burmese government and Rakhine extremist in home and abroad are leaving no stone unturned to deceive the world. They are forcefully or by other means using members of Hindu society (who look like Rohingyas) and taking pictures and making video showing their daily activities to portray that the situation in Arakan has become peaceful and come to normality. Hence, no investigations are needed, no observers and media to sent and not even humanitarian assistances, at a time when they continuously committing crimes against Rohingyas. 

When UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana visited Arakan, Burmese authorities organized some Hindus and few of their puppets from Rohingya community to meet and lie to him. Besides, he was not given free access to meet Rohingya people. The similar case happened with Turkish Foreign Misnister Ahmet Davutglo when he visited Sittwe, Arakan. The government vetted translator mistranslated and omitted the important words of a Rohingya victim in the translation. 

On 17th August 2012, Thein Sein released an 18-paged statement in which he said “some political parties, monks and individuals incited extreme racial hatred and encouraged people to commit irrational racial attacks against Bengali Muslims (his own term for Rohingya Muslims).” What is this? Is it not contradictory to his earlier statements? Is not he an oxymoron? 

By the time Human Rights Watch (HRW) exposed the involvement of the government in the crimes, President Thein Sein has rather hastily set up an inquiry commission by himself to investigate the ongoing crises in Arakan. How can one expect impartial investigations when the culprits who started this ugly racism and committed all these crimes themselves have taken charge of the investigations? One should wonder who will be the ultimate sufferers as a result of this investigation when the people in the government itself are criminals. The commission visited violence hit regions and went back. But they could not meet the real victims, Rohingyas. When some Rohingyas invited the commission (on phone) to come to their places and see their actual situation, a member of the commission replied “we don’t have any authority to go to wherever we wish and we can only visit the places that the government wishes. In fact, cheating is not new to the Burmese government. They are famous for that even among Burmese community. But international community should not fall into their traps. 


Though the situation in Arakan now is externally portrayed as it calmed down, the atrocities against Rohingyas and the holocaust in the Burmese version of Eichmann’s hell are still on. Yet, sadly, their plights can hardly draw any international attention as especially Western Powers who claim to be Human Rights champions are quiet. 

After all, why are they carrying out all atrocities against Rohingyas? It is particularly because of political gains of both Burmese regimes and Rakhine extremist leaders. As for the regime, they have successfully diverted public attentions from the poltical and economic crises they were having, depopularized Daw Aung San Suu Kyi among some segments of Burmese society and international communtiy, gained much required public supports, discredited international media and convinced general Burmese that only Military can protect the country. As for the Rakhine extremists, they are on their way to successfully root out Rohingyas who have become the major hindrance to their achieving an independent Arakan. 

Pro-fascists segment of Burmese society hate Rohingyas generally for two reasons: they look different from the mainstream Mongoloid people and practice a different religion. Rohingyas are of Indo-Arayan descendents known as one of the earliest settlers of Arakan and practice Islam. The Burmese Regime is heavily influenced by Nazi ideology of racial purification. And the regime brainwashed most members of Burmese society with their racist ideology. Hitler tried to wipe out Jews who are racially, religiously and ideologically different from Nazi German. Burmese regime is on their effort to wipe out Rohingyas because they (Rohingyas) are racially, religiously and ideologically different from them. And Adolf Eichmann was the in charge of the Exterminations Camps for Jews known as Eichmann’s Hell. Thein Sein and his ally, Dr. Aye Maung, the chairman of Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) are the in-charges of Extermination Camps for Rohingyas, the Burmese version of Eichmann’s Hell. 

It is up to International Community and all the concerned quarters to let this continue until Rohingyas are wiped out or to stop the crimes against humanity. It is the high time for all of us to realize the crimes of these generation criminals and Neo-Fascists and to bring them into international criminal court of justice (ICCJ) in an effort to stop the crimes on the earth forever. 

M.S. Anwar is an activist studying Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies at Westminster International College, Malaysia 

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