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Gross Human Rights Violations in Buthidaung Jail | M.S Anwar

Thursday, September 27, 2012 ,There has been a discussion and debate going on in Nay Pyi Daw, Burma, regarding the crises in Arakan. But the hot topic in the discussion has been existence or non-existence of Rohingyas in the history of Arakan. Although, previously, Burmese regime has blatantly lied that there is no Rohingya race in Burma saying it didn’t exist in the past. Now, through the debate, government has reached a point that it can’t deny Rohingyas any longer especially after considering Arakan history. The government can’t accept Rohingyas either as there is stern opposition of fascist Rakhine extremists who want to wipe out Rohingyas and their history. 

Yet, today many Rakhine extremist leaders have a feeling that they will lose the debate going on in Nay Pyi Daw and hence they themselves might need to recognize Rohingyas in the future. Therefore, they have been implementing many plans against Rohingyas resulting from their meetings all over Arakan. Two significant steps they have taken against Rohingyas: the authority in Maung Daw are making more arbitrary arrests this time with the permission of the district judge of Muang Daw and sending them to Buthidaung Jail, and the authorities in Buthidaung jail are killing Rohingyas detained through inhumane tortures so that they can reduce the number of Rohingyas in Arakan. There have been thousands of Rohingyas detained in the prison for no reason. (Note: Judge in Maung Daw Distric Court, Authorities in the Jail, People in Police Force and Security Forces etc in Arakan are made up of Rakhines only) 

Now, mass killings and grave human rights violations are being carrying out against them in the jail. For instances, authorities in the jail are cutting off or burning the penises of Rohingyas, forcing them to have homo-sex with one another (recently a similar case took place against some Kachin youths), cutting off or pulling out their finger nails, severely beating them, keeping them nude all the time, keeping them without foods and water for days. When they are given foods once in many days, it is on the ground with their hands tied at their backs. Authorities in the jail force them through immense torture to exclaim that they are animals and that’s why they have to eat like animals. 

But this time, it has already been four days that Rohingyas in the prison are without foods and water. No need to wonder what is happening with them. What makes my heart bleed is not that Rohingyas are being killed but the way they are being killed. 

In short, according to Rohingyas in Arakan, the situation of Rohingyas in the prison is worse than that of Jews once in Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camps. In the fear of losing the debate in Nay Pyi Daw, Rakhine extremists (both in the government and outside) are rushing to kill Rohingyas as many as possible in the remaining they may have. Therefore, an urgent systematic investigation comprised of international criminal experts into Rohingya detention centers in Arakan is a dire need to prevent the crimes against humanity taking place. Or else, it will be another man-made catastrophe that can be prevented in time. And people will regret later for not doing so. 

Mohammed Sheikh Anwar is an activist studying Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies at Westminster International College, Malaysia 

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