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BRAJ Meeting with ASEAN Secretary General

Mr. Zaw Min Htut, President of Burmese Rohingya Association in Japan had meeting with Mr. Surin Pitsuwan, Secretary General of Association of South East Asia Nation (ASEAN) on September 19, 2012 at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo, Japan. 

In the meeting, after the presentation of Mr. Zaw Min Htut, ASEAN Secretary General Mr. Surin Pitsuwan responded that he will work more vigorously on Rohingya issue and want to see a long lasting solution very near future. He said that he will work with UN, OIC and Myanmar government to find a solution for long suffering Rohingyas. He added that Rohingyas should be recognized as ethnic minority of Myanmar and granted citizenship by Myanmar government. 

Mr. Surin Pitsuwan said "There is not only religious discrimination but also Rohingyas were discriminated ethnically and politically. We should look back to their long suffering under the successive military government since 1962." 

Mr. Surin Pitsuwan encouraged all Rohingya activists around the world to work more actively till the goal is met.

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  1. We hope Khun Surin will do his utmost for the Rohingyas at the ASEAN.

  2. We thank Khun Surin and hope that he will do his utmost at the ASEAN for the world's most persecuted minority - the Rohingyas.

  3. Thank a lot to Mr. Surin Pitsuwan. We,Rohingya, world's the most persecuted community recorded by U.N, urgently need international communities' support to obtain a long lasting solution which is only the way that is "equal ethnic minority and citizen rights" and human rights with effective rule of law in Myanmar. Simultaneously, emergency humanitarian aids is seriously required for the most of the Rohingyas who are living in their home in various township with having nothing(foods and medicines).To stop colorful atrocities against Rohingyas in every day in every where is mostly relate to the current U.N general assembly's pressure to the President U Thein Sein.

  4. Congratulations Mr. Mr. Zaw Min Htut for your continued hard work. As you know, the main issue is the citizenship problem. I have written the following on this topic:

    Abid Bahar

    COMEDIAN X: Did you hear the news, Rohingyas can apply for citizenship? It must be a good news!
    CANADIAN: Ya, but it is a good news within a bad news. It is a good news because even Hitler in his genocide against the Jews didn’t say Jews could apply for German citizenship.
    COMEDIAN: Ya. What is the bad news?
    CANADIAN: There are certain requirements attached to this Burmese military backed civilian government’s generosity.
    COMEDIAN: What are the requirements?
    CANADIAN: Rohingyas have to prove that they entered Arakan before 1823 when Burma was racially mongoloid and religiously pure Buddhist. They have to speak in good Burmese, and they have to identify themselves as Bengali.
    COMEDIAN: That is racist and it means a no already. If they identify themselves as the Bengali, they confess that they are illegals in Burma.
    CANADIAN: Just for the sake of getting back their citizenship, if they fill out a form, it is enough to arrest this Rohingya person and he qualifies himself to be sent to jail.
    CANADIAN: What about speaking in Burmese?
    COMEDIAN: Well, these people were restricted moving from one village to another, not allowed to educate them, so, most of them will be disqualified. By the way most Burmese minorities have their own languages and if it is used uniformly for all the Burmese minorities, most Burmese except the majority Burmans will lose their citizenship.
    CANADIAN: What about Rohingya’s forefathers arriving in Burma before 1823?
    COMEDIAN: Well, Rohingyas have to develop some kind of device to communicate with their forefathers to ask where they kept the immigration papers.
    CANADIAN: These former racist Generals are clever people. They know that Rohingya ancestors are dead, it will be impossible for them to handover the papers now.
    COMEDIAN: They are not clever people. Things are changing; they can run but can’t hide themselves and their crimes.
    CANADIAN: The truth of the matter is Rohingyas were the indigenous people Arakan lived there from the 8th century. Rakhines entered in Arakan by defeating the Chandra Rohingyas in 957 AD and Burmese entered Arakan in 1784 by occupying Arakan.
    COMEDIAN: From what you said, Rohingyas
    were the citizens of Arakan already. It is the Rohingyas who should accept or deny the non Rohingyas to enter Arakan.
    CANADIAN: I am confused.
    CANADIAN: Don’t say ya, without explaining why Rohingyas were denied citizenship.
    COMEDIAN: I am not joking, the answer is they are a racially and religiously different indigenous minority group living in a race conscious mongoloid, and chauvinist Buddhist country.
    CANADIAN: THANK god, now I am not confused.

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