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The Response to the Formation of Commission of Investigation on Arakan Violence

Ref: NDPHR (IE) 007/2012 17/08/2012

1) We, with caution, welcome the formation of the Commission of Investigation on the violence of Arakan State by President U Thein Sein.

2) However, he failed to comprise to equal ratio of members from both sides; Muslim and Rakhine, having the sort of person like the chairman of Rakhine Development Party Dr. Aye Maung who is known to be the instigator of violence, person like Ko Ko Gyi who declared that Rohingyas were foreign illegal immigrants and that they must be crashed down in collaboration with the Military force, the person like ZAGANA who has announced in an interview in Paris that the Rohingya are the foreigners and though there are some Muslim members in the commission but no single Rohingya is there to represent the Rohingya Muslim. So, we don’t think the Commission as genuine and qualified one and it never yields fruitful result.

3) Normally, the violence was erupted between the Rakhine and the Rohingya Muslim. But forming the commission with only the Rakhine and leaving behind the Rohngya is very clear enough that the intention was not based on honesty and the result will not be acceptable too.

4) So, we would like to call upon the President U Thein Sein to dismiss the wrong persons from the Commission and to take some members from Rohingya Muslim who could represent the community in order to be a genuine and respectable Commission of investigation.

5) We would like to call upon the non –Rohingya Muslim members in the Commission to boycott the ‘Partial Commission’ and to walk out if there are no Rohingya Muslim members to represent the Rohingya community in the Commission.

( Hla Aung)

National Democratic Party for Human Rights (in exile)
Paris, France

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