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Saudi Arabia donates USD 50 Million to Rohingya Muslim

                             The custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Aug 11

The custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud ordered Saturday sending USD 50 million in humanitarian aid to oppressed Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. A press statement pointed out that King Abdullah ordered the aid alleviate the suffering of Rohiangya Muslims who are subjected to systematic human rights abuses, ethnic cleansing forced deportation, mass rape and killing from extremist Buddhist groups tolerated by the government.

The move come today after Myanmar government’s acceptance to allow access to humanitarian aid to the oppressed Muslim minority.

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  1. Many thanks to KSA and to the custodian of 2 holy mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul aziz al saud.As my one brother mentioned be sure the aid to reach to Rohingya victims. Please first food, second medicine, third to built their homes in their own villages that were burned down. O Almighty Allah; help to rebuilt Rohingyas homes in their own villages which were burnd down- Aamin

  2. thank u king abdullah.

  3. thank you very much. king Abdullah bin to rohingya muslims in myanmar.may Allah give you long life and save your country.Ameen...

  4. Thank respectful king abdullah and all muslim countrys.plz help Arakan minority Rohingya muslim.

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