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Updated information from Riot Scene Arakan State Burma from 16 to 19 of June

Below are brief report received from the Arakan State Burma Riot Scene. Burning and killing are still going on in Remote Cities of Arakan State. Eventhough Burning and killing are stopped in Sittwe and Maungdaw township, arresting for nothing, looting and lack of food, shelters and medical in need and are the most urgent requirement by displace people. Please see below details report for the past few days

Date: 19/06/2012 (Tuesday)

1. There are about more than 12,000 displaced Rohingyas (Confirmed) Aung Min Galar Quarter , evacuations Camp, Sittwe .4 old man were died because of lack of food and medicine. According to our reliable source most of the people they don’t even water to drink. They need Food and medicine is urgently.

2. The authorities mentioned that they will not allow Rohingyas to settle in Sittwe city.Government authorities said burned down Rohingya’s villages will be provided to Rakhine who were intentionally brought from other towns of Arakan.

3. Rakhine burned down a Rohingya village – Anauk Pin – in Rathidaung Township today morning at about 8:30 am, where 60 Rohingya’s houses were burned down into ash, died 8 Rakhines (unconfirmed) and 8 Rohingyas. More villagers were wounded.

4. Another Rohingya village –Muzardiya- was also burned down today where 6 Rakhines killed (unconfirmed) and 2 Rohingyas. Similarly Rohingya village –Tharapin- was also completely burned down and most of Rohingya villagers were slaughtered. These villagers are stranded between Rakhine villages and Mayu River.

18/06/2012 (Monday)

1. Na Sa Ka (Border Security Forces) of No. 9 region completely destroyed a large two floor religious school building in Taungbazar village , Buthidaung. In the beginning, Na Sa Ka themselves destroyed the building and then the local villagers were forced destroy it. The building was made of wood and the roof was of tin sheets.

2. 24 Rohingya leaders were arrested in Maungdaw Town including Dr Hla Myint, High School Teacher Hussein (Former Executive Member of NDPHR- National Democratic Party for Human Rights) , Dr Nazumuddin and U Fazzal ( NDPHR – elected member in 1990 election). They were invited for a meeting then taken to the NaSaKa headquarter.

3. 70 Rohingya villagers from Baguna, Nurulapara village Maungdaw were invited to a meeting by Government authorities (NaSaKa , Police, and Paramilitary Forces) . When the villagers arrived they were forced by authorities to hold the gun and taken video and pictures by the authorities. Some people said from the ground they were killed by NaSaKa (unconfirmed).

4. More than 2000 Rohingyas are taking shelter in Nyaung chaung village high school ,Buthidaung. They were escaped from Rathadaung Town while their houses were burned down by Rakhine. 3 people died as they don’t have food.

5. Most of the Rohingyas who were found with mobile were arrested by NaSaKa.

Date: 17/06/2012 (Sunday)

Stranded Rohingya 15 boats in Naf River are disappearing with more than 2000 Rohingyas since early morning 16th June who fled because of attacks by Rakhines, Police Officers and Paramilitary Forces.

The Rohingya who were drifting in the Naf River as the authority of Bangladesh didn’t allow to enter its land, hit heavy rain and windy since Wednesday night. The stranded Rohingya boats are not seen in the Naf River and no body know where the boat gone, according to local from Shapuri Dip.

In Sittwe, Government authorities are planning to allocate Rakhine on Rohingya’s villages which were burnt by Rakhine.

Rakhines burnt 100 houses Bara Bara Village ,Kyuaktaw Town.and killing Rohingyas in every houses. Rakhines are killing Rohigyas with the collaboration of Police and Paramilitary Forces.

Maungdaw USDP secretary Phan Phyo’s (Quater 1) son Tun Hla Sein jointly organized with his collaborators Mg Nyi Mg Chay@Hla Myin son of Ni Mg (Quater1), Paun pae son of Aung Gyi (Quater

4) and Kyaw Aye(Quater 3) were formed a gang to rape Rohingya women and to loot Rohingya villages. Tun Hla Sein provided his gang Police Uniform and sort of weapons according to reliable source from the ground.

Almarajan(age-20) and Shafika(age-17) from Taray kundan (Sairkumbar-hoinna fara) village,Maungdaw are allegedly gang raped by Burmese military at 15:00 pm 16th June, in Maungdaw.25 numbers of youth are arrested by NaSaKa camp and taken to NaSaKa Headquarter. Around 20 trucks of Rohingyas are arrested and sent to NaSaKa Head Quarter.

(1) Robis Ahmed - head of 100 house ( Ra Ayin Mu)-- Zaw Ma Thet- Salimma para shot dead by Na Sa Ka (17:00 pm 16th June)

(2)Sho Fiullah - 10 household head ( Say Ayin Gong) Lomba Goona village shot dead

(3) Sakina-One 11 years old girl from Tha Yee Kon Tan village shot dead

(4) Roshid Ahmed- Tha Re Kon Tan Village (Shopkeeper- Tha Re Kon Tan Mar Ket ( Sair Konbor Bazar)- Strongly beaten by Na Sa Ka looted all Commodities and destroyed

(5) Nobi Hussein- THa Re Kon Tan Village seriously beaten and dead.

Another 27 Rohingyas arrested from southern Maungdaw today 10:00 am Locatime-17.06.2012).Arrested people never comeback believed killed by NaSaKa(Border Security Forces).

NoNameFather’s Name

1 AzimullahAli Ahmed

2 Hamid HussainIsmail

3 AnzulloIsmail

4 Halo MiaShida Ali

5 Mv. Hashim UllahNazir Ahmed

6 Abu SoyedWali Ahmed

7 Abu KalamWali Ahmed

8 KalayaNazir Ahmed

9 Mohammed EliasKalaya

10 SayedulllahAbdu Mozid

11 Dil MohamedYounus

12 EliasShari Hossain

13 Anamatullah unknown

14 ZonaidNur Hossain

15 Mr. AzizullahMv. Hanifa

16 Amir HamzaMiyo Hossain

17 Ex-chairman KollimullahBodur Rahman

18 BaittaNazira

19 Mv. Noor HossainYounus

Note: from serial no. 1 to 13 = Anauk Ywa, Udan village ,Maungdaw

From serial no. 14 to 19 = Zumma Ywa, Udan Village Maungdaw

In other towns of Maungdaw, Nasaka called Rohingya villages and meeting and arrested. While they call the meeting the other groups of Rakhine and military groups entered Rohingya’s houses and looting their valuable things and took Rohingya’s girls and raped them. In Muslim evacuation center, there is no food and medicine authorities are not providing food to Rohingya.

Date: 16/06/2012 (Saturday) 
Last 4 hours ago, Hamid (age-12 yr girl) was killed Rakhine Police in Kiladang Village Maungdaw .Her brother confirmed it from the ground.

Received some people name who were involved attacks on Rohingya villages in Maungdaw .Rakhine are Maung Soe Win ,Mg Mg Che,U Kaung ,Pho Tha Tu ,Ney Min Twe. Maungdaw Ward(4) Ploice officers Hla Myint ,Tun Tun Kyaw, Maung Cha, Tin Aye ( Who killed 10 yr Rohingya girl),Bo Latt, Aung Kyaw Thein. They killed more than 150 Rohingya people (confirmed).Dead body found 36 and other taken by Police Trucks.There are more than 100 people still missing in Maungdaw.

Rakhine people burnt in Haindapara Village, Maungdaw ,Arakan State.The attacks taken place in Arpauk Warr village Kyauktaw Town ,Arakan State and clashed with Rohingyas. 1 Rohingya died (confirmed) and Rakhine burnt 21 houses.

Rakhines rounded up by Aung Dine village and Sakyar village in Min Bya Town, Rakhine State. Rohingya people from Min Bya town are worrying and do not know what time Rakhine will set fire their villages. This information is confirmed and received it it our contact in Rangoon just now.

Rohingya people are seriously and painfully suffering from food shortage as authorities are not at all helping Rohingya with food while Rakhines has been enjoying all sorts of cares from authorities. Moreover, Rakhines public is not selling food to Rohingya making things extremely difficult for Rohingya's survival.

They need immediate supply of food, clothes and medicine. People are dying of hunger and lack of medical care, shelters and clothing. We need immediate UN and international help to save the Rohingya people. It is clearly understood that Military government is not doing any to help save lives of Rohingya people in the most effected areas such as Akyab, Maungdaw, Rathidaung, Buthidaung and other cities.

In Santoli of Akyab Rohingyas Muslims are being circled by Rakhine mobs and most of the Rohingyas didn’t have food one week now. 
The authority is not allowing the general public to bring supply of food from other areas to the effected areas. Therefore it is seriously important to give international pressures to the military junta to immediately allow the public supply necessary food, medicine and clothing as well as sheltering equipment

  1. Rakhine State, western Burma -
    Two death row inmates transferred to a prison in the state's capital

    June 20, 2012

    Mahmoud Rauhi and Kochi, the death-row inmates of Kyaukpyu prison in Rakhine State, were transferred to Sittwe (formerly Akyab) prison in the state's capital today.

    Their transfer to Sittwe prison is attributable to the fact that there is no death row in Kyaukpyu prison, according to a local man who learned this from prison officials.

    Three Rohingya Muslims - Mahmoud Rauhi (18), Kochi (21) and Htet Htet (Rasheed) (23) - were arrested for the murder of a Rakhine Buddhist woman Ma Thidar Htwe of Thapraychaung Village, Ramree Towship, Rakhine State in western Burma, whose killing last month helped set off communal violence in which nearly 60 people died, according to the state media.

    The three Muslims of the Rohingya minority were charged under Burmese Penal Code section 376 for rape, section 302 (1c) for murder and section 392 for looting properties. Htet Htet alias Rasheed committed suicide in his cell at Kyaukpyu prison.

    Mahmoud Rauhi and Kochi were sentenced to death under Penal Code section 302-1 (C). The verdict was handed down on the 18th of June in Rakhine State’s Kyaukphyu district, according to the state-run Myanma Ahlin daily.

    The two death-row inmates have the right to appeal against their death sentence to a court of higher jurisdiction within 7 days of the sentence. In the absence of an appeal against their death penalty, the two will be awaiting their execution at Sittwe prison.

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