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Rohingya Leaders and NLD offical interview with Al jazeera's(Inside Story) - What is behind Myanmar's ethnic unrest?

Myanmar is on a very uneven and fragile road towards democracy but seven people have been killed in three days of riots in the country's western region.

The coastal state of Rakhine saw Buddhists once again fighting Muslims including Rohingya migrants, most of whom are stateless. They are described by the United Nations as one of the world's most persecuted minorities.

The violence and burning seems to have started after a Buddhist woman was raped and murdered last month. The Rohingya -- who are a minority Muslim group - were blamed and since then, more people have been killed on both sides of the religious divide.

In response, the government has imposed a state of emergency in the area and the UN is relocating its staff.

credit : Al Jazeera

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