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Demonstration in London to stop Rohingya genocide in Arakan, Burma

On 13 June 2012, at 1200 to 130 hours, Burmese Rohingya Organization UK (BROUK) staged a demonstration as a part of “Peaceful Protest to Stop the Mass Massacre in Arakan, Burma.” in front of Burmese embassy, London, United Kingdom, demanding must give the immediate access to international media and humanitarian organizations access to the Northern Arakan to provide food and shelter to prevent starvation and disease outbreak in current monsoon season. Currently there are dire needs of food, water, and medicine.

The government must stop the Rakhine mobs, guarded by the Lon Htein and police forces, from looting the Rohingya shops and properties.

The Rohingya community also calls on the Burmese media in Myanmar and the Burmese language programs in the international media to strictly adhere to their own Codes of Ethnics and serve as the shields to protect lives and the platforms to facilitate bringing justice and peace to Arakan that guarantees safety and security for all people of Arakan.

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