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Open letter to our Myanmar friends to help stopping racial riots (Dr.Ko Ko Gyi)

Former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad With Dr. Ko Ko Gyi  

Dear Bama Buddhist friends,

Please just kindly look at Indians and Chinese in Malaysia. They speak their own Indian & Chinese languages and even go to their respective schools. They read their own newspapers, watch their respective TV, Video, movies etc.

In contrast to them, if you look at Myanmar Muslims: we speak, read, wear and behave as Myanmars and tried to assimilate ourselves into the mainstream population.

But the limit is Islam, which most of us would never compromise.

Like the other religious people around the world like Buddhists,Christians, Hindu, Jews; we Muslims are willing to even sacrifice our lives if needed.

DASSK is right when she stated: “Well, there are people who think that it’s right to do any thing in the name of their religion, their race, their family, or any organization to which they may belong.”

So it is better not to start a fire of racial conflicts or riots. It would never end as all the people on either side of religious divide always thinks that they right.

Some elements of Myanmar Military used to play with this fire frequently and THE WHOLE WORLD knows about this.

And please kindly STOP blaming the PRESENT MYANMAR MUSLIMS when your fellow religious comrades are committing atrocities on us.

And stop calling us Kalas. We follow the Islam originated from Arab. Actually Myanmars have inherited more Kala culture, customs, and literature etc. If you call us Kalas we could also start to call you all as KALA DEINS.

Peace be upon the whole Myanmar.

Dr. Ko Ko Gyi
Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

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