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Rebuttal to U Khin Maung Saw’s misinformation on Rohingya By Nurul Islam (U.K)

During recent years we have read series of depraved propagandas by a group of fanatics, who are restless to tarnish the image of the Rohingya people, under the pretext of so-called scholars/academics/Burmese experts preaching annihilation of the Rohingyas, a predominantly Muslim community in Arakan, Burma. One of them is U Khin Maung Saw, a Rakhine Buddhist living in Berlin, who recently wrote a foul-mouthed and blasphemous paper titled Islamization of Burma Through Chittagonian Bengalis as “Rohingya Refugees”. 

The very title is disgusting where U Khin Maung Saw accuses the ethnic Rohingyas of illegal Bangladeshis and their refugees of ‘not genuine but illegal immigrants’. On top of that he makes cry wolf about islamization of Burma with 55 million population by a small neglected and underprivileged Rohingya community. His work is packed with false propagandas, make-believe stories, fantasized history and inflammatory writings that transmit the odor of ‘systematic racism’ and ‘Muslim Phobia’. It is an effort for Rakhinization, Buddhistization and de-Muslimization of Arakan through extermination of the Muslim Rohingya population using the oppressive state apparatus of the military regimes that emerged from 1962 in various shapes and manifestations, the last being the current civilianized military government of U Thein Sein. .

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  1. Good piece of rebuttal posted by Mr. Nurul Islam (UK). The alleged "Islamization" is a serious blunder that the Rakhine radicals are making. What we are seeing here, such allegation is actually working in favor of Rohingya. The radical Rakhine elements naively think that the Rakhines will receive sympathy and supports from the international community, particularly the Europeans and the Americans, by capitalizing on the term "Islam" or "Islamization". The international community can see through and discern the geo-political situation in the Middle East from the general world Muslim population. The Rakhine radicals are banking that this crazy idea of "Islamization" can be sold to the international community. If U Khin Maung Saw is not deaf and blind, he will hear and see the ever-growing strong alliance of conscientious Christian/Jewish community with Muslim community worldwide. I will say this: Let them play that silly card of "Islamization" and let them stay focused on Rohingya in the Northern Arakan while the Rakhine society is rapidly devoured by the Burman in the South. They even don't speak Rakhine language in most part of Southern Arakan like Thandway any longer, and the encroachment is moving north rapidly. We could foresee there will be no Rakhine by the end of this century, not because of so-called "Islamization" of Arakan, but surely because of the "Burmanization" of Rakhine society by the Burman-dominated military. The Burman encroachment in Southern Arakan will tip the balance of demography in Arakan. The take-home message for U Khin Maung Saw and the radical Rakhine elements: The Rohingya in Arakan are going nowhere, and they are there to stay in their native land.

    Dr. Wakar Uddin
    Director General
    The Secretariat
    Arakan Rohingya Union

  2. I humbly request to anyone who can translate above article in Burmese.
    ရုိဟင္ဂ်ာ အေျကာင္း နွင့္ သမိုင္းမွန္ကို ေလ့လာခ်င္သူ မ်ားအတြက္ျမန္မာလို ဘာသာျပန္ေပးပါက အေကာင္းဆံုး

  3. It's wonderful. It should be translated into Burmese.

  4. This piece is really informative for Rohingyas as well as other community members in Burma. It should be translated into burmese language so that the peoples in burma can understand the real essence of it.

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