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Wiping out the ROHINGYA is a SHAM

A Rohingya family reaches the Bangladesh border after crossing a creek of the Naf river, on the border with Burma, near the town of Cox's Bazar, on September 5, 2017. (Photo: Bernat Armangue / AP)

Min Khant
RB Opinion
February 10, 2018

Union Minister U Thein Swe’s statement at Myanmar Parliament on (6.2.2018) in regard exclusion of Rohingyas identity in census made by the British authority in 1911, 1921, and 1931 had been incomplete-process. Because the census records of British authority of the then BURMA from time to time were shown different figures, and usually added from one-census account to another newly found indigenous identities of BURMESE people reside across the nation. Does the British deny the processes? 

While insertion of Rohingyas identity in the list of Myanmar consecutive governments’ records depended on their mindset and way of thinking alone, Rohingyas have nothing to do about the identity that did not include in their disorganized census enumerations along the history. Rohingyas, having the indigenous people like others in country, and well acceptance by senior renowned Burmese politicians. Who have strived, have been heartily honored in the mind of Burmese till now and who gained independence from British in 1948, ROHINGYA identity was imbued in indigenous list of Myanmar national and thus some of indigenous rights were legally conferred on them, as Rohingyas deserved similar to others, who the conscious politicians of Myanmar can deny this?

Rohingyas people have had some extent of rights conferred by the first democratic government after independence in 1948. Rohingyas have got to broadcast their own language from BBS (Burma Broadcasting Service) since 1961- 65. Their existence in north Rakhine is recorded in the then encyclopedia of Burma in volume (9), page 89-90. Former Rohingya university students were honored to form student association similar to others. Tatmadaw magazines around 1960s were too much proud to unfolding the availability of Rohingyas in their north Rakhine localities as faithful to the government. A number of editorials in regard Rohingya historical backgrounds and their fine arts were allowed to be exposed in Guardian Magazines that had monthly been issued around 1960s. The state high school, middle school and even the year 2008 in distant university curriculum of higher education of Myanmar are full evident of Rohingyas’ indications to be practiced by the entire students of Myanmar. 

Since the first democratic election to 2010 election for more than 60 years, Rohingyas have been able to vote and to be elected as eligible voters in electioneering processes and the rightful parliamentarians. The authoritarians were all the same Burmese and the same inheritors of Military godfather, Ne WIN. They have not had questions to bar Rohingyas from the past elections, excluding 2015. 

To stop Rohingyas from 2015 election, which lifted Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to state Counsellor of Myanmar, Rohingyas of Rakhine were excluded from voting, after disenfrenching them via the last (2010-15) parliament’s approval that chaired By Thura U Shwe Man. 

The recent Myanmar parliament’s discussion by Minister U Thein Swe due to the name Rohingyas “was never mentioned in any of the census lists, and it is not included among the list of 135 ethnic nationals” is the continuation fine artwork of Thura Shweman and vet. Aye Maung of Arakan Army supporter who, was in the last upper house parliamentarian of the parliament and right now he is in jail, to sadden the entire Rohingyas population and the world community who support the Rohingyas morally. 

For the census of 2014, Myanmar had received 64 millions of dollars from UNFPA and donor countries to do census, promising the world and donors “it would allow all the people of Myanmar to fill the form as per their wishes”. However, the name ROHINGYA identity was severely barred from filling by either Rohingyas in Rakhine or Rohingyas from others along the nation by the coordinated efforts of all staffers assigned by the government. In accord the statistic, there are roughly 644 kinds of indigenous identities rather than 135. All are waiting the exact identities. 

Since the state law and order restoration council’s (SLORC) beginning of state power in 1988, it had been trying to eradicate Rohingyas under the blueprint (1982-citizenship law) of U NE WIN. 

During the time of Daw Suu Kyi’s release from house arrest in 2011-12, she had been asked by the local and international community regarding the Rohingyas status. And some persons’ shootings to Daw Suu as “would you agree to advocate the Rohingyas that successive military governments wanted to wipe out, and she would reply, it was up to next democratically elected parliament decision”. 

Seeing this immoral character of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her dominant parliament of today in Nay Pyi Daw, she let her relevant minister to declare the world there is no Rohingyas in Myanmar and a decision was made by the majority of NLD parliamentarians whom whether Rohingyas and international community like it not. 

People’s hope democracy in Myanmar would be of an inspiration to have a good future flourishing the democratic rights for all, particularly for minorities like Rohingyas and others. Daw Suu Kyi led parliament of Myanmar is a powerful lobby go-down to abolish the rights of others through having the majority’s voices against the rights of minority’s groups. 

Even though people from majority ethnic had voted NLD and that of the party’s leader Daw Suu Kyi with a great hope, NLD’s victorious in the past 2015 election is orchestrated to bully the minorities with coordinating efforts of others who are too against Rohingyas. Though not all parliamentarians in Nay Pyi daw are NLD candidates and some are with their respective thoughts in line principle of the political parties’ policies in parliaments, regarding the Rohingyas, all the parliamentarians are in the same line to eradicate Rohingyas to vote unanimously against Rohingyas. Nothing can come out good from Daw Suu Led parliament.

Myanmar citizens both Burmese and different indigenous after having the repression and coercion of Myanmar military consecutive regimes since 1962 revolutionary period to 2010, all strata would have been seeking freedom and self-determination from the military’s unrestraint after suffering in their social life for a 50 years of life span. 

All Burmese either they are in rank of Military posts or ordinary, they all want domination and control on ethnic people and abuse in politics, economic and social welfare, Burmese never ever want to share least quota to ethnic brethren, fearing losing the domination of Burmese on tiny minority. 

A multi democratic protest in 1988 all along the country was a sign of mass people’ coordinated wishes to a change of military ruling system for a prosperous nation similar to neighboring countries after suffering a lot under the harsh military regimes. 

Again, the 2015 election was a great hope for almost entire people including many of the ethnic people though they have been their own political choices at the dawn of democratization. NLD followers and military power have been in THE mood of coordination now to crush all ethnic people demands that a returning to the era of military. 

Neither NLD nor any of future dominant Burmese political powers will be in combination of military forces to keep the state power in Burmese hands and control ethnic peoples from the other. The immoral policy of Burmese is well understood by national brethrens and Burmese will not change their attitude at whatever costs. The NLD and military will put forth their control on all ethnic people’ due demands through killing, fighting, burning, evicting, displacing, relocating and mush of untold troubling. 

Right now, the NLD led parliament efforts to produce resolution “ there has not been any Rohingyas identity and it will not be such an identity” by the collective efforts of all parliamentarians to declare both in local and international community is a foolish and pigheaded work of the current government. 

And, it will be a sham for this regime to wipe out the Name ROHINGYA because the primary evidences that have been before and from the dawn of Independence time is at the present of all people of local and international community.

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