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Security Forces Conduct Raids at Rohingya Villages in Maungdaw

Burmese (Myanmar) Security Forces carrying out surprise raids in Rohingya villages in Maungdaw after a rumor originally spread by the government officials themselves

Burmese Military in Maungdaw [Photo: AFP]

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January 22, 2018

Maungdaw -- Two suspicious people, who the authorities said, entered Maungdaw from Bangladesh last week and are plotting to carry out explosions in the township.

Following what's likely a rumor, the joint-forces of Burmese Military and Security Forces carried out surprise raids in 'Italia village and Bohmuu hamlet of Quarter 4' on Sunday (Jan 21). No suspicious people or materials were discovered in the raids.

At around 10:30pm on Sunday, at least 18-truck loads of the joint-forces were patrolling around the village of Shujah (Shwe Zar) in northern Maungdaw and afterwards, they continuosly carried out gun-fires and explosions that sounded like 'bomb explosions' at the Naff river-bank to the west of the village, according to a local's report.

The joint-forces conducted similar raids at Pantawpyin (Lal Boinna) village in southern Maungdaw today but no arrests were made. They searched in and around the Rohingya houses and checked the Family Members against the 'Family Registration List.'

"It is really a suspicious thing because the rumor-mongerers are government officials themselves. It's likely being done to intensify the situation during the time of a scheduled repartriation of the first batch of the Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh", said a local in Maungdaw.

[Reports by MYARF; Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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