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Japan aided on blood stained brutal hands, Myanmar

Min Khant
RB Opinion
January 15, 2018

Myanmar State Counsellor Daw Suu Kyi and Foreign Minister of Japan Mr. Taro Kono conducted a joint press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nay Pyi Taw on Friday, 12 January 2018 after having a long bilateral discussion between the two leaders.

In these days, Myanmar is too lucky to have the state of Japan as new partner, followed by China and Russia to help assist its multiple structures and economic development. The Republic of China, Russian Federation, and lastly Japan have come to shield Myanmar’s immoral conducts of brutalities in the world political arena on its minority people and intransigence on demand of international community to abide the universal law and obligatory duties to fulfill the equitable rights of persecuted Rohingya people and the rest in Myanmar. 

The three countries have rigidly sided by Myanmar depend on their own respective interest, and concern of economic strategies amid from the regional and international political pressure and economic restraint due to Myanmar’s human rights violations, which have been totally unacceptable, on all the ethnic people of the nation, particularly against Rohingyas since August 2017. 

Though, the international community has been drastically asking to have access to the Rohingya localities for their proper investigation, Myanmar has been persistently denying to the world’s access to the clue which is importantly needed by the world people to lay down the final solution to the problem. In contrast, the sate Counsellor saying ‘such a world investigation would make worse to live harmoniously together between two major groups; Buddhist Rakhine and Muslims Rohingyas’. 

The state Counsellor, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has been disgracefully afraid of being exposed the brutalities, and multiple inhumanities committed on Rohingyas by the combined forces, for which she has been an eloquent speaker and excellent chicanery to deceive the world to be concealing the killing operations by Myanmar military forces, commanded by S.G. Min Aung Hlaing. 

As more, the state Counsellor would always tell the world leaders:” the matter of Rohingyas in Arakan state is not a single matter to be settled down urgently, but there are many more issues all along the nation regarding the indigenous people”. She has been too much cheeky to the matter of Rohingyas affairs and regards as a jokey manner to the mishap on Rohingyas designed by Min Aung Hlaing and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, herself.

Regarding the recent uncovers of ten Rohingyas innocent dead bodies in Inn Din village, she said:” There were killings in Inn Din village. The Tatmadaw had conducted an investigation and would be taking action so this is viewed as a new step taken by our country. In the end, rule of law in the country is the responsibility of the country. It is a positive indication that we are taking the steps to be responsible”. 

Ever since, the Rohingyas’ more than 340 villages were torched into ashes and people were evicted from their houses; the babies and toddlers were killed and the beautiful Rohingya girls and good-looking ladies were being raped by the forces. And, while many of disarrayed Rohingyas were being dead due to lack of water, food and shelter along their ways to Bangladesh; the absconders property were burned and valuable were looted by military forces, Rakhine armed men and Rakhine ordinary villagers. In the meantime, all these mishaps on Rohingyas were being denied by the Ministry of defense and the state Counsellor herself and she has repeatedly flanked the military’s random speaking mouth which has been shamelessly lying to the world. 

Ultimately, whoever international dignitary pays visit to Myanmar, he/she knowingly and cheerfully agrees to the state Counsellor’s misleading talent, whatsoever she discusses, explains and defrauds the relevant issues from the path of reality.

However, the world leaders want to execute the concerning commerce with her, the entire state commerce of Myanmar does not run under her guided policy. Nevertheless, the commander in chief, Min Aung Hlaing directs and controls how to share the state benefit to the military department. In addition, the state peace, stability and peace building chitchat all along the countryside with the indigenous people by the Counsellor, is a show off to the world. While S.G Min Aung Hlaing’s Ministries (Ministry of Home Affairs, Borders and Defense) control stability of the state, development of borders areas, restoration of rule of law, social harmony among societies and communal state sparkle instabilities

Talking about the memorandum of understanding (MoU) reached between Myanmar and Bangladesh to repatriate the fled more than (655,000) Rohingyas to Bangladesh is, as a matter fact, not a sincere attempt of the government of Myanmar after seeing its unfinished multiple cleansing operations so far in Rohingyas localities, Rakhine state.

Formation of UEHRD (the Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement, and Development), leading by the Counsellor, as Chairperson of it is nothing. However to brag and please the world community, as if the government is going to repatriate the displaced persons and resettle them to their original locations and for that expecting the big amount of assistance from international donors, Japan and others, who always propped up and protected Myanmar against the worldwide pressure in international arenas. 

Without the presence of international recommended cooperation in Rakhine state to resettle the Rohingyas, then in accord the MoU between the Bangladesh and Myanmar has already reached is evidently to kill alive , maim and demoralize on those will be repatriated Rohingyas people in the camps-side of Myanmar before being resettled them to their original localities as per MoU.

Is it believable the suggestion that under the hand of heinous regime and the chicanery leader, the state Counsellor will properly conduct the Refugees affairs in line principle of international standard? No Single Rohingya refugee currently in Bangladesh will agree such a status quo due to return back & then to be killed again unkindly and be punished severely by Myanmar at the killing field. The military and the Counsellor have already preplanned the beautiful snares for repatriated Rohingya as revenge.

How some world leading nations and that of the honorary leaders do have to support such kind of heartless, brutal, and devious Myanmarese and the regime to provide cash and kind for nothing at the absence of world community to conduct the world-concerned affairs?

Frankly, The Japanese Foreign Minister’s observation due to the root cause of the problem in Arakan as the issue of poverty is merely a plain wrong thought. 

In that matter, Rohingyas have been persecuted, oppressed, restricted and the hateful system of unfairness and isolation seep into in every aspect of Rohingyas people lives for SEVENTY years in Rakhine state. By seeing the heinous character of the almost entire Rakhine and Burmese Buddhists, the truth is the Buddhist Rakhine and Burmese have the systematic technique of cleansing plot against Rohingyas from their ancestral land ‘on ground of physical appearance, ethnic, tradition, belief, culture, and religious differences’. The Rohingyas are the senior inhabitants in the land in accord the historical background that no one can deny this logical phenomenon.

Any bulk assistances provided by the either leading nations to the hand of the central government of UEHRD (the Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement, and Development) or Rakhine state authorities without thorough liability, direct cooperation and concrete involvement of the world community. 

Then, such a move either by the state of Japan is regarded by the world community as the following practice of both CHINA and RUSSIA. And that would only embolden the current stubborn Myanmar authorities (NLD regime and military institution) to severely punish more to the existing Rohingyas people in their townships and will carelessly deny all the world peaceful and constant demands on Myanmar to honorably repatriate, restore the legitimate rights of ROHINGYAS.

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