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SINGAPORE-affiliated former Myanmar Cabinet member spreading FAKE NEWS!

By Dr Maung Zarni
October 16, 2017

Visiting Fellow at Singapore's Institute of South East Asian Studies & Ex-Cabinet Member from Thein Sein Gov, spread fakes news about Rohingyas, possibly coordinating with Irrawaddy Burmese Editors. 

Ye Htut, ex-Colonel and a son of the late Myanmar Police Chief, is caught spreading Fake News, which typically frames Rohingyas as "terrorist" issue. 

Ye Htut's Burmese language caption reads: 

"In Bangladesh the (Muslim) fundamentalists and extremists held demonstrations demanding that Rohingyas be armed. 

Now the (Bangladesh) border guards unit at a refugee camp lost their weapons to the looters."

This is based on Irrawaddy Burmese Language News (see the two additional JPEG along with the first item by Ye Htut). 

Irrawaddy has emerged as a major platform for spreading genocidal racism and hatred against the Rohingyas. 

Its editors - Aung Zaw, Kyaw Zwa Moe, and Ye Ni - have been mis-charaterising, Rohingyas as an Islamic threat to Burma's "national security" based on dubious intelligence sources.

Irrawaddy's stance is influenced by both their anti-Rohingya racism and Bertil Linter's anti-Rohingya racist writings in Asia Times, blowing the security concerns out of proportions.

Just yesterday a Thai-American academic named Thitanan Pongsudhirak from Chula University in Bangkok peddles the same racist lie in Singapore's mouthpiece The Straits Times. 

See my scathing rebuttal to this academic whore's despicable racism, falsely accusing the wretched of my country as "terror" threat. 

Framing of Rohingyas as "Islamic terrorism" has been proven non-credible by Bangladeshi senior officials including the Foreign Secretary, former US Assistant Secretary of State for Asia and Pacific Affairs Eric Schwartz and most recently in Facetime Live by Human Rights Watch Myanmar researcher. 

Here is Eric Schwartz in his own words:

"... the idea that insurgency is the route of the problem in Rakhine State is nonsense.

This is not insurgency. There are parts of Burma where there are insurgent issues. This is not an insurgency-driven conflict. This is a pretext that the military has given us, by all evidence."

the idea that insurgency is the route of the problem in Rakhine State is nonsense.


Myanmar: The Invention of Rohingya Extremists

Joseph Allchin, The New York Review of Books, 2 October 2017


Bangladesh foreign secretary: No sign of radicalisation among the Rohingya, 8 October 2017 

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