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Eight Things that can be done by concerned individual governments

Rohingya children cross the Bangladesh-Myanmar border fence as they try to enter Bangladesh in Bandarban, an area under Cox's Bazar authority, Bangladesh, August 29, 2017. REUTERS/Mohammad Ponir Hossain

Eight Things that can be done by concerned individual governments

By Maung Zarni 
September 28, 2017

The call for arms embargo is inconsequential.

Myanmar has built up its arsenal of arms that will enable it to fight several major nation-to-nation wars.

What needs to happen is a total ostracism, economic punishment in every conceivable way.

Forget racist India and neo-Totalitarian China. Neither shows any signs of human enlightenment insofar as the ruling elites are concerned.

For all the governments that say publicly or think privately SuuKyi-Army regime is committing international crimes - whether crimes against humanity or genocide, or both need to:

1) put a moratorium on any and all bilateral commercial relations;

2) stop sports and cultural ties - no sign of Myanmar public growing intellectually and spiritually from its exposure to the world - even PhDs and Myanmar diaspora show incapacity to stop being genocidally racist;

3) suspend any bilateral development aid and so-called democracy promotion;

4) downgrade or cut off diplomatic ties with Myanmar (diplomacy has proven utterly futile - like a musician playing classical songs by water buffaloes);

5) close any ties with Myanmar military and all security troops including ending so-called human rights and civil-military relations training, which has been proven dismal failure - by Australia, UK, etc.;

6) back Human Rights Watch's call for international punishment of Myanmar leaders at the ICC including Aung San Suu Kyi (she is culpable and criminally responsible for denying, dismissing and covering up the international crimes);

7) stop issuing entry visas to Myanmar nationals who are found to be inciting genocidal hatred or otherwise involved in cheer-leading the genocide; and

8) expel or deport Myanmar racists who are found cheer-leading the genocide, or revoke their citizenship by executive orders.

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