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The Rohingya Aid Workers

Rohingya boys at Maungdaw School (Photo: Andrew Marshall)

The Rohingya Aid Workers 

Ro Mayyu Ali
RB Poem
June 13, 2017

Being the victims for themselves 
Surviving in a modern Ghetto 
They those who support others 
Braving tremendous dangers 
At risk in greater orders 

Whoever the needy is, 
Their hands never discriminate. 
And never give up even for 
The hurdle of capital-based promotions 
They work hard for the well-being of their entire multicultural community 
For their least-developed Northern Rakhine State 
In the offices, 
They work together with diverse colleagues 
But nothing fades away their team spirits. 
Having the sense of 'One Humanity' 

An expert sits in front of the car 
And some of them with other colleagues 
Take seats in the middle 
And at the back, some tools of their activities 
And they head to field 
To distribute the aids to victims 
They often have to hold an extra identity 
It's called Form-4 by term locally. 

The driver stops the car reluctantly. 
They have to get off the car 
To be under the check up of authority 
In out posts of the security 

"Why is my body checked? 
Even it has a heart to save many lives! 
Why my back-bag is checked? 
Even it has tools to cure many lives!" 
And they get on again 
Having the approval of entry 
For soon, they turn to their philosophy. 
Then the expert see them back 
With a round of empathy 
"Are you okay?" by saying! 

Then they come back to their conscience. 
And bear a hard smile for their off faces 
And ever continue their humanitarian journey 
In a very strong sense of commitment 
Just rebuilding others' lives and dignities 

The poet is a Rohingya. He depicts, in his poetry the feeling of Rohingya humanitarian workers how they face difficulties and restrictions in out posts of the security forces in Northern Rakhine State.

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