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Fisherman Killed, Another Injured in Northern-Maungdaw Shooting

RB News
June 29, 2017

Northern Maungdaw -- A Rohingya fisherman was killed and his friend was seriously injured during a chase by the Myanmar military in northern Maungdaw Tuesday (June 27) afternoon, according to a reliable source. 

The fisherman shot dead by the military is identified as Mustaq Ahmed (25), s/o Hala Meah; and another man tortured and injured was Abu Syed (27), s/o Rashid Ahmed. Both are from the village of ‘Shil Hali’ officially known as ‘Kyauk Chaung’ in northern Maungdaw.

"The two fishermen set out for fishing in the Naff River with a peddle-boat around 10am on began propelling back to the river-bank seeing an approaching military motor gun-boat. The gun-boat quickly approached the fishing-boat however. And a fisherman jumped off from their boat in fear and another attempted to flee with the boat.

"The military began shooting at the fleeing man and being hit by bullets, he fell off from the boat and got drown. Another man who had jumped off was arrested by the military and was taken to the ‘Phruma Border Guard Police Camp (BGP) camp’ in northern Maungdaw.

"On Tuesday night, the military released him after an extortion of Kyat 1 Million ransom and the dead body of the other man was also recovered yesterday", said an elderly village man in northern Maungdaw.

Since June 24, the joint Myanmar military and Border Guard Police (BGP) forces have been sporadically conducting raids on the village plundering homes, attacking, arresting and killing people and harassing women. Apparently, the Myanmar armed forces have attempting to fan another 2012-style violence by pitting the Rakhine people against the Rohingyas.

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Abu Syed (27), s/o Rashid Ahmed was tortured by the Myanmar military

Mustaq Ahmed (25), so Hala Meah was shot dead by the military

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