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Press Release: Deeply Tragic and Sorrowful Communique

Deeply Tragic and Sorrowful Communique

30th January 2017

A legal advisor for the ruling party In Burma, National League for Democracy(NLD), U Ko Ni, who was returning from an official visit to Indonesia, was tragically assassinated in cold blood, on January 29, 2017, at the Rangoon Airport. The Burmese Muslim Association(BMA) would like to express its deep shock and heartfelt sorrow for this senseless and tragic incident.

As a prominent legal advisor for the NLD, U Ko Ni had been struggling at the forefront to achieve peace, stability, prosperity and democracy. He was also a key leader, working towards amending the Constitution of 2008, a malevolent and highly toxic document, which is probably the only major impediment and a unique roadblock for the country, in order to gain genuine democracy, and justice and equity for all the citizens. He was not only a leader who had great respect and trust of the various religious and ethnic communities in the country, but also an irreplaceable bright and shining star for the entire Burmese Muslim community.

U Ko Ni has now joined the lofty company of Burmese Muslim martyrs such as Sayagyi U Razzak and Yebaw Ko Htwe, in sacrificing blood and lives for their beloved motherland and country.

In Burmese there is a famous saying: “There is no death in the company of martyrs”, which is very similar to the well-known Islamic saying: “Do not say that the martyrs are dead people”.

Traditionally in the annals of history, Burmese Muslims have been very pliant and accommodating, but not to the point of genuflecting at the altar of excessive injustice and murderous cruelty. They are very well aware of the difference between patience and perseverance on one hand, and accepting utter defeat, humiliation and annihilation on the other hand.

It is our unwavering and firm objective, to join hands with all the law-abiding and peace-loving people, from all the religious and ethnic communities, follow the models set by the martyrs U Razzak, Ko Htwe and U Ko Ni, in struggling peacefully with the power of the people, and democracy and rule of law, to eliminate all traces and remnants of the oppressive and dictatorial legacy remaining in our beloved country.

We hereby request earnestly and urgently, for the NLD government, to bring swift and true justice with total transparency, to each and all persons or groups responsible for the heinous and brutal assassination of U Ko Ni, as the whole country and also the world at-large is keenly focusing its attention to eagerly see full justice be carried out for this sad tragedy.

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Daw Molly +1 416 516 7383 (Canada)
U Kyaw Swar +44 782 842 6801 (UK)
U Myo Win +95 950 70304 (Burma)
U Kyaw Win +44 740 345 2378 (UK)
Daw Yasmin +1 408 250 6227 (USA);

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