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Pardon Me, My Little!

Pardon Me, My Little!

Ro Mayyu Ali
RB Poem
December 8, 2016

Oh, my little!
In your dinghy age,
Bullet has frightened.
Sword has wretched.
Arson has blazed.
Perhaps, you had nights on shoulder in fears.
You had days crying on in deficiencies.
And you had a history of apex denials.

Oh, my little!
Even in your tender age,
A lots has happened.
And the world just sees it in silence.
But it didn't save your life.
Yes, as you're a Muslim.
Yes, you're.
Ah! What a racial trial!

Oh, my little!
Even you didn't know...
Why you had to face like that!
But you didn't deserve it, at all.
However, a mercy wipes my tear when I mourn for you.
As you're bestowed a small funeral.
You're a groom of innocence.
You're a great martyre in mankind.
And you'd be remembered...
As one of the most adventurous blossoms in the garden of humanity.

Oh, my little!
What could I do for you?
Though I'm survived for today
For me, no insurance of tomorrow like you.
Nay! No one guaranteed for your identity in worldly life.
But now I'ld warranty for your destiny in afterwards.
It's the highest range for you in Jannah!

Oh, my little pride!
Pardon me!
Just once pardon me!
What could I do for you?
My life has no insurance like you!

A deep condolence with a wretched poem for those innocent Rohingya deceased children whom were opened fire to drawn down in Naf river by BGP while trying to reach to Bangladesh.

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