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BGP admitted to raping and killing Rohingyas while threatening villagers in Southern Maungdaw

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December 16, 2016 

Maungdaw, Arakan –In the Southern Maungdaw Township and hamlet of Aley Than Kyaw village tract called Maung Tula a Border Guard Police (BGP) officer and six BGP approached a group of Rohingya youths who were playing football in a field situated on the western side of the hamlet at around 3:30pm on December 13th, 2016. The officer was said to have fired his gun in the air and forced around sixty people to stay in place in the field where the youths were playing football. 

The BGP suddenly told them he was transferred from northern Maungdaw where fighting has recently taken place. He boasted about his time in Northern Maungdaw, saying he had killed many Rohingya and raped many women while he was there. He said that the people there should be treated this way also. 

After this the BGP asked the youths why they were playing football and who gave them permission to do so. He was said to have fired his gun in the air again at time. 

Soon after a Rohingya named Kyaw Zeya Oo who works as an informant to the police arrived and the police took 10,000 kyats from each of the 60 people gathered there. After they took the money from them the Rohingya were allowed to leave. 

In the same village on December 14th, 2016 Aminah Khatu, the wife of Habiz Ullah (47 years old) slaughtered a goat she owned and was preparing to take it home to cook. At this time Kyaw Zeya Oo made an accusation against the woman that the goat belonged to him. The woman denied this flatly and village testimony supports the woman’s claims. 

After this Kyaw Zeya Oo complained to the village administrator and had Aminah Khatu brought to his office. The village administrator then took 700,0000 kyat from Aminah after beating her in public to get her to turn over the money. 

Kyaw Zeya Oo has been a key informer to the BGP post in Aley Than Kyaw and the village administrator, and has widely been reported extorting money and making false accusations against innocent Rohingyas. The village administrator is a Rakhine nationalist who is also known for beating and extorting money from the Rohingyas living there.

Report contributed by Rohingya Eye.

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