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A Mother And Two Minor Daughters Raped By Myanmar Army In Front Of Each Other

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December 8, 2016

Maungdaw, Arakan – On December 4th, 2016, a mother and two minor daughters were raped by the Myanmar military in front of each other.

The military and Na Ta La villagers raided Myaw Taung village tract in Northern Maungdaw on the above mentioned day at 1pm. Seven soldiers entered into the house of one man situated at the middle hamlet. The man in the house was in fear of arrest and torture when he saw the military inside the hamlet. He left home immediately and could manage to escape. In his absence, his 36-year-old wife and two minor daughters became rape victims. The mother and two daughters were barbarically gang raped by all seven soldiers.

Today, on December 8th, 2016 at 3:20pm five men wearing civil dress who could be soldiers, border guard police and some Rakhine extremists from Tha Yet Oak village tract entered into Myaw Taung village tract by riding on two motorbikes. They were carrying two guns and three swords. They found two Rohingya villagers riding two motorbikes and they stopped them. Two of the men snatched the keys and the rest started beating the Rohingya villagers. 

The two Rohingya villagers managed to escape but they couldn’t secure their bikes so they were robbed of them. The armed men took their bikes and went ahead then. After reaching some distance, they found a small shop selling some electrical items and foodstuffs. They started looting the goods from the shop and left from the village. 

The shop owner is Eliyas s/o Siddik (25-year-old) and the owners of the motorbikes are Kamal s/o Mahmod Kawbir (40-year-old) and Furkhan (23-year-old).

Pha Wet Chaung Village Tract

On December 7th, 2016, at 8am more than 25 security forces entered into North hamlet of Pha Wet Chaung village tract and as usual they looted motorbikes, bicycles, furniture and valuable properties. They vandalized household goods and unmovable properties. Before the troops enter into the hamlet, all villagers including women and children fled to Ywa Ma hamlet.

After looting, the troops loaded everything on the boat and took them to Na Ta La village which is about a mile away from the hamlet. 

The troops were believed to be seeking the women and girls to be used as sex slaves and they remained in the hamlet till 7pm. However they found no one returning except a man who is in-charge of hundred houses [locally elected leader of hundred houses] and two middle aged women. When the troops tried to catch the women, the women jumped into the stream and went Ma Yin Taung hamlet in Pwint Phyu Chaung village tract. Finally the troops decided to give up.

Today, on December 8th, 2016, the same troops entered other two hamlets, Ywa Ma and Thae Chaung. They carried out the same looting and vandalizing as they did in North hamlet. Moreover they burned down all the tents at the fishing ponds and the bars of the harvested crops on the farms. They also looted many cattle including of Salay Ahmed and Kawbir Ahmed.

Report contributed by Rohingya Eye.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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