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Rohingya Refugee Slashed and Robbed Outside Nayapara Refugee Camp

Nur Boshor (Photo: RB News)

RB News
March 26, 2016

Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh - Nur Boshor, A Rohingya Refugee, was stabbed and robbed just outside of the UNHCR registered camp where he lives. Boshor, 44 years old, operates a small shop in the market within Nayapara refugee camp. On 10:30am on Saturday, March 26, 2016, he had left his home in a shed in Block I of the camp, which is situated near the Teknaf roadside. He had plans of traveling a few kilometres west into the Teknaf market place to buy items for his shop, as well as clothing for his daughters upcoming wedding. 

Boshor had not been on the main road long and was attempting to hail a CNG tuk tuk (mini taxi) when he was attacked by a man local to the area surrounding the camp. First, the man demanded that he handed over the money and tried to force the money out of his pockets. As Boshor refused at struggled against losing his money the man punched him in the back. Boshor continued to refuse to hand over the money, the man slashed him on the head with a blade and with that blow, managed to get the money from Boshor before leaving. 

Bleeding, Boshor reentered the camp where some refugees took him to the main entrance where the camp medical facilities are situated. Unfortunately the clinics were closed to observe Bangladesh Independence Day Holiday. He will get no treatment for his wounds unless he exits the camp and pays to a local clinic and again risking his safety. The UNHCR card that he possesses offers him no protection outside of the camp and there are no laws in Bangladesh to offer him rights or safety. He allegedly had been carrying 18'000 Bangladeshi Taka (about $230 usd) when he was assaulted and robbed. There will be no justice for the money lost either, as registered refugees are technically restricted from carrying money. 

Fairly recently UNHCR had posted a hotline within the two registered camps and encouraged refugees to call in case of incidences such as fire or physical or sexual assault. That hotline implemented after a rash of entrances by Bangladesh border guards who allegedly assaulted refugees and destroyed shops as well as confiscated any contraband Myanmar made products. Boshor, having been just outside of the camp, will not be able to get any protection from UNHCR as along with the money restriction, there is technically a restriction that the refugees cannot leave the confines of the camp unless given permission by the Camp In Charge office. Although these rules are loosely enforced, refugees become very vulnerable once outside of the UNHCR's jurisdiction.

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