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Statement: Dangerous conditions in post-election Burma

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Erik Leaver, eleaver@endgenocide, 202-556-2130

Human Rights Group Warns of Dangerous Conditions in Post-Election Burma

Urges Vigilance and Action to Prevent Violence Against Ethnic Minorities

United to End Genocide, a Washington DC based human rights group warned of volatile and dangerous conditions in the wake of national elections in Burma that could lead to violence.

It urged the Obama administration and other governments to closely monitor conditions in Burma and make clear that those who incite violence – or fail to protect the public – will be held fully accountable by the international community.

“While reporting out of Burma is dominated by the good-news narrative of an election victory for Aung San Suu Kyi and her party, a campaign fueled with hate speech and xenophobia has created dangerous and volatile conditions for Burma’s Muslim minority, particularly the ethnic Rohingya community,” said former U.S. Congressman Tom Andrews, President of United to End Genocide.

“Burma’s ethnic minority Rohingya were disqualified from voting, denied citizenship and vilified in Burma’s national elections. This poisoned atmosphere against Muslims in general the Rohingya in particular will not be cleared with an election.

In fact, things could get worse. A breakout of violence – or the threat of violence – could serve the interests of a military that has always warned about the need for a military dominated government to protect the peace.”

Now, more than ever, the U.S. and other governments should make it clear that those inciting or fueling violence – or failing to protect those in danger – will be held fully accountable.”


United to End Genocide is an advocacy organization dedicated to preventing and ending genocide and mass atrocities worldwide. For more information visit:

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