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KSA seeks end to repression of Rohingyas

Rohingyas are subject to many forms of persecution, discrimination and exploitation.

July 5, 2015

JEDDAH: The UN Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution calling on the Myanmar government to protect the rights of all people in its territory including Rohingya Muslims. 

The council also urged the government to take all necessary steps to stop discriminatory practices against Muslims and members of national, ethnic and religious groups across Myanmar.

The resolution was proposed by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan on behalf of Islamic countries in an effort to ensure accountability and to bring an end to human rights violations, in particular against Muslims. It demanded transparent and independent investigations into alleged atrocities committed against Rohingyas.

The resolution also calls on the Myanmar government to stop its discrimination and exploitation, and to begin to resolve the root causes of such discrimination. 

The Myanmar government has been called upon to protect all places of worship of all religions, and to help refugees and displaced people return to their homes, including the Rohingya Muslims in cooperation with the international community, as per the resolution.

Saudi Arabia has condemned the ongoing violence and hate speeches inciting racial discrimination against the Muslim community in Myanmar. 

Faisal bin Hassan Trad, Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative at the UN in Geneva, said the Rohingya community was going through a grave human tragedy.

He called on the international community to take urgent steps to protect Rohingyas’ rights.

The Myanmar government does not recognize them as citizens and is restricting their freedom of movement and denying them their most basic human rights, including food and health care, he pointed out.

At the same time, he said the government must uphold transparent and comprehensive policies to stop the persecution of Muslims.

The UN resolution calls on the government to grant full citizenship rights to the Rohingya Muslims of the Rakhine province, and to review the Nationality Act of 1982. 

It also stipulates that full humanitarian assistance access to the people and communities affected by the conflict should be granted.

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