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Pakistani Community Gathers in Solidarity With Rohingyas in UK

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June 16, 2015

The Pakistani Community gathered to show Solidarity with Rohingyas and other Muslims of Burma to stop Genocide against Rohingyas in Burma Last Friday afternoon more than 100 people joined to protest and raise awareness in front of Burmese Embassy. Lord Nazir Ahmed, from House of Lords, Mrs Fauzia Kasuri, who are founding member of Imran Khan's PTI Party. Liaquat Ali, Councillor from Waltham Forest and Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Engagement and Cohesion, Sajid Hussain Awan from Pakistani Lawyuers Group, Tun Khin, President of BROUK, BROUK members and other respectful Pakistani community leaders joined at the Protest. 

At the Protest all the honourable speakers delivered the speech and mentioned that they will continue to support the Rohingyas until the Burmese government stop the genocide. BROUK President Tun Khin said in his speech, “On behalf of Rohingya people I would like to express many thanks to those organising this protest. I would like to also express many thanks for the solidarity of the people from Pakistani inside and outside of the country”.

Tun Khin also appealed, “As Rohingya we don't have many friends. It often seems like the world is willing to stand by and let us suffer. Please help end the genocide of more than 1 million Rohingya. The Burmese government’s plan is to drive us out of our own ancestral land and, if any Rohingya are left standing, they intend to build an apartheid against us. By coming here today, you have shown you care about our situation. We need your help. We really need your help and your government's help to pressure President Thein Sein's government to stop genocide against our people”.

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