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BROUK Urges French Government Officials to Raise Rohingya Issue in UN Security Council Immediately

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June 17, 2015

BROUK President Tun Khin was invited by the French Foreign Ministry to discuss the Rohingya crisis on 11th June. Tun Khin met Diddier Ortolland, head of Southeast Asia Division and other officials at Ministry of Foreign Affairs France. 

During the meeting the BROUK President addressed the current update situation and urged French officials to immediately raise the issue in UN Security Council. 

Tun Khin stated, “Our people are dying every day. The International Community knew it but they are not doing enough. I appeal that we do not to let another Rwanda repeat for Rohingya. Please help end the genocide of more than 1 million Rohingya. The Burmese government’s plan is to drive us out of our own ancestral land and, if any Rohingya are left standing, they intend to build an apartheid against us”. 

“It is time for the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to intervene to stop Rohingya Genocide where Persecution of the Rohingya minority by the Myanmar government amounts to genocide, according to field research from the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI), based at Queen Mary University of London,” said Tun Khin. 

At the end of the meeting BROUK also called on theFrench government with the US, UK and EU countries to pressure the Government of Myanmar to do the following: 

1. To immediately end its policies and practices of genocide; 
2. To restore full and equal citizenship rights of the Rohingya; 
3. To institute the right of return for all displaced Rohingya; 
4. To effectively provide the Rohingya with all necessary protection; and 
5. To actively promote and support reconciliation between communities in Rakhine State, Myanmar. 

The trip was organised by Info Birmanie. Tun Khin also gave many Interviews on current events related to the Rohingya Genocide in French Media and other journals.

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