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Repatriation and their breasts conceals is far worse

Rohingya Muslim children try to reach Bangladesh from Myanmar, August 28, 2017. (Reuters)

By Min Khant
RB Opinion
November 1, 2017

Arakan Rohingyas Salvation Army (ARSA) is the final justification of both public government, run by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and head of the military department Senior General Min Aung Hlaing to end the Rohingya existence in Rakhine state, evidently the ARSA itself is the ultimate creation of the government in appearance of Rohingyas as militant or insurgent group. 

The so called ARSA’s attacks on more than 30-police stations, ‘no one believes to be happened without the green-light of military strategies’, has sparked to destroy nearly 300-hundred Rohingyas villages by military’s uneven aggression on Rohingyas innocent people from Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung townships since 25 August 2017 let alone mass killings, arson attacks, gang rapes, torching, arbitrary arrests and unknown of where about of uncountable Rohingyas males. 

The integrated aggression against Rohingyas people has been the coordinated action of multi political forces within further understandings among destructive forces. 

Those are: “the entire NLD party’s politicians; all the rest political parties registered under the state Election Commission; intellectuals and intelligentsia of the states; all the state owned news outlets; daily circulating multi journals, face book media; lawful and illegal CD and video productions and distributions all around the country; celebrities and randomly yellow-ribbon wrapped Buddhist monks who have visibly been seen with arms in public places; and the entire grassroots level of Myanmar nationals”.

Amid the international community’s constant demands for investigation due to human rights violation committed since October, 2016 to during recent violent crackdowns on innocent Rohngyas by both military and Rakhine armed militants in the region, yet, Myanmar government has been sticking that the international community’s investigation would neither help to solve the issue but such conduct would rather intensify the existing communal tension between Rohingyas and Rakhine people to live together in the region. What an Excuse to hide behind ‘open to all’ brutality!

Regrettably, the United Nations itself has been paralyzed to take the concrete action in regard Rohingyas fates though it has noted down that Rohingyas are the most persecuted people in the world after conducting the relevant works in localities for more than two decades.

Although the ‘deadlock Rohingyas’ issue is duly deserved to have THE final settlement for a long time, the issue deliberately becomes a “big-dilemma” in the World United Nations Security Council forum as “a tug-of-war contest” between yes votes and no votes. To solve the Rohingyas issue simply, the rivalry between two groups has intensified in the quest of the strategic and economic interest in the region, RAKHINE.

Though majority of yes votes nodded in favor of Rohingyas who have been visibly enduring multi atrocities of the regime, just a single or couple of powers’ heartless standing to cooperate with the world to have unanimous agreement to be a peaceful resolution in dispute is just a “silly sagacity” of those nations who wish the innocents lives of Rohingyas to be perished more and the vulnerable ones rights to be stripped of by the cooperation of with the butcher nation, Myanmar for their LUST in the pastures which have been rendered in a half price to shield Myanmar regime’s crimes against Rohingyas in the world forums.

Everyone knows that the Republic of China is a big investor, as exploiter, and a single rower in Myanmar, taking advantages since the WEST has imposed sanctions on the last Myanmar military regimes for its crackdown on democratic activists.

In the end, the Republic of China is a sole nation that supports Myanmar brutality against the very innocent Rohingyas in Arakan state and the emergency of UNSC’s paralysis to take urgent focus to handle the Rohingyas issue is solely responsible by China. 

In fact, we all understand that the CHINA has been perceived by the Myanmar unfounded episodes & multi narratives and become familiar with things because of hearing them repeatedly. Being the CHINA as a permanent member of the UNSC, it is very crucial for it to maintain Peace and Security of the world by coordination with the rest of the world in true matter, as no rivalry will stop in this world with true sense between powers and among the groups.

As more, from the one hand, instead of listening and believing to whatever Myanmar whispers regarding ARSA to CHINA, it needs to agree to the world opinion to investigate to the brutalities, oppressions, burnings, killings, arson attacks, disenfranchisements, starvations, right restrictions, and total chaos & insecurity in the hands of brutal regime from the other. 

Bangladesh is a tiny country and it has already hosted nearly one million Rohingya in their country, it has been a big burden for their nation though the world has generously extended the humanitarian assistances, which have been in dire need for life saving of Rohingyas, who fled the atrocities of Myanmar regime in their localities.

Myanmar regime’s deceiving temperament to the people of Rohingya has been periodically different based on condition, insisting Rohingyas are not the citizens of Myanmar who have fled but the absconders or the people who fled to Bangladesh. This word has been from their mouths right now and what their breasts conceal is far worse.

Myanmar wanted to repatriate the Rohingyas in accord by the bilateral agreement they have reached between Bangladesh and Myanmar in 1993. However, Bangladesh government insists such an agreement does not legalize now, as there are many additional terrible phenomenon, which have emerged on Rohingyas due to multi atrocities committed by Myanmar forces. 

Following the return back of last mission of Bangladesh regarding the repartition of the Rohingya refugees, there have been inner discussions between the government bodies to accept some part of the proposal of the Bangladesh to accept the Rohingyas refugees.

The Myanmar regime has now shown fright of building of the big camps in Bangladesh for Rohingyas, fearing that such durable constructions by Bangladesh after receiving international big assistance ($440 million) may delay the Rohingyas repatriation process to the country though Myanmar wants earlier repatriations to avoid the possible international economic sanction and freeze of assets of several Military generals. 

The time now is very imperative for not only the government of Bangladesh, Rohingyas refugees and but also international communities to reach to the final and targeted agreements with Myanmar government, which has been the deceiving characters to trick both Rohingyas and international communities in discharging the agreements in which it agreed upon in the past and possibly in the future. 

Rohingyas and international community cannot be cheated repeatedly.

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