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Four Rohingyas Accused For Posting News On Internet; 3 Extorted And One Under Police Custody

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April 17, 2014

Buthidaung, Arakan – Four Rohingyas from Ka Gyat Bat Kan Pyin village in Buthidaung Township of Arakan state were accused as posting news on the internet. Three were extorted and one is still under police custody and will be sentenced, according to locals.

On April 10th at 2am the police lieutenant Myat Htwe, accompanied by twelve police, two ten-households heads entered the house of Shuna Ali located in Ka Gyat Bat Kan Pyi village in Buthidaung Township. They accused four sons of Shuna Ali that they were posting news on internet. Police lieutenant Myat Htwe confiscated all the important documents including household registration paper while searching the homes. 

The police then brought the four sons of Shuna Ali to Buthidaung police station. The four sons of Shuna Ali are: 

(1) Molvi Arif Ahmed 
(2) Yasir Arafat 
(3) Ali Arafat 
(4) Mohammed Jahangir

However three sons of Shuna Ali were extorted 600,000 Kyat at 6pm on the same day and were released. One of the sons however, Molvi Arif Ahmed is still under police custody and will be sentenced, according to locals.

Molvi Arif Ahmed used to live in Wara Kyun hamlet of Say Owe Kya village tract 7 years ago. He moved to the recent village and had legal documents of shifting the household registration. However, those were confiscated by police lieutenant Myat Htwe while searching his house on April 10th and now he has no document to prove his legal move. Although Myat Htwe accused him and his brothers that they were posting news on the internet, there was no proof of that accusation and now Myat Htwe created a situation to extort much money or jail him. 

Molvi Arif Ahmed’s family requested the village administrator Maung Hla Thein to issue a recommendation letter that he lives in the village and was in possession of legal documents. As village administrator Maung Hla Thein is a Rakhine extremist, he reported many false information to Myat Htwe instead of issuing a letter. 

Myat Htwe is the most well known to everyone in Buthidaung Township as notorious police and have been extorting money from the Rohingyas for a long time. Arakan state government and central government is well informed about his lawless behaviours towards Rohingyas, yet the government fails to take an action.

Additional reporting by MYARF.

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