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At Glastonbury, Come hear Dr Maung Zarni give a Burma or Myanmar update, Genocide, Internal Colonial Wars and Ecological Rape

If you are going to ‪Glastonbury‬ this week be sure to look for Dr Zarni.

After a day and a night out rocking and rolling, whoever makes a mistake of coming to hear "Burma Update" they will be greeted with the details of ‪‎Myanmar‬ ‪‎Genocide‬ of ‪Rohingya‬, Myanmar Tatmadaw's (feudal army) internal colonial wars against other indigenous minorities, corporate and crony loot of the country, etc. 

Under Speakers' Forum, the opening session, named "Burma Update", 26th June 2015, Friday, 10-11 am

Glastonbury Line-Up 2015 -- WED 24TH - SUN 28TH JUNE 2015 -- here

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