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Security-human rights balance needed in ending Rohingya illegal migration: NSC chief

May 8, 2015

Security-human rights balance needed in ending Rohingya illegal migration, NSC chief says

BANGKOK - The Secretary-General of the National Security Council Anusit Khunakorn said ending illegal migration of Rohingya to Thailand must be done with a balance of national security and human rights as illegal migrants fleeing to the country were not only the Rohingya people.

Meanwhile, the investigation of a Rohingya graveyard in Padang Besar of Sadao district, Songkhla has been pursued in earnest as ordered by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister expedited the investigation as he wants to make everything clear, transparent and stringent, Mr. Anusit continued.

“The investigation process is in progress and is focusing on the culprits involved. Thailand has called for support from its neighboring countries; meanwhile all sectors must join hands to make an effort to end the human trafficking network, with clear and transparent results.” Mr. Anusit emphasized.

He said that security authorities also benefited from stricter measures following the Rohingya case, as they assist in suppression of weapon smuggling and other violations of law.

“I believe the Army is giving close consideration to whether there should be a further reshuffle in local army posts and it is now under the supervision of Gen Udomdej Sitabutr, Deputy Minister of Defence and Army Chief.” Mr.Anusit said.

According to Mr.Anusit, national reforms in future must make transparent and accountable administration a priority. People should be part of reform efforts, rather than just concentrating on reform or the constitutional drafting.

Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Sek Wannamethee was positive that the Rohingya graveyard case would not have negative impact on the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report of Thailand, as the report was submitted to the US Foreign Ministry on 31st March, a month before the case was exposed.

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