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School Administrator In Sittwe Asks Money From Rohingya Refugee Students

RB News 
May 9, 2014

Sittwe, Arakan – The Rohingya refugees in Basara (San Pya) camp said that the students were asked to pay the money by the school administrator.

Even the school situated in Basara (San Pya) Rohingya refugee camp is primary school the students from pre-school to Grade 8 are studying. Unfortunately the students are not learning much as the teachers are not attending the classes regularly. Furthermore, the school administrator Aung Phyu has been saying that every student in the school must pay money to repair the desks and chairs. 

Aung Phyu, the School Administrator ordered that primary level students must pay 200 kyat, grade 5 students are 1600 kyat, grade 6 students are 1700 kyat, grade 7 students are 1800 kyat and grade 8 2000 kyat. 

“Our houses were burnt down in our village during the mass killing in 2012. So we took refuge in this Basara camp. We do not have anything. We are surviving with the rations supplied by INGOs. We do not have a way to earn the money. We are not getting enough rations now and we had to sell out our rations like rice and oil to get money to support the education of our children. We are unable to avoid this extortion by the School Administrator Aung Phyu.” a parent of the student told RB News.

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