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Rohingyas In A Village In Buthidaung Are Under Attack By Village Administrating Group

RB News 
May 3, 2014

Buthidaung, Arakan – Rohingyas in Kyauk Phyu Thar Thay Kan village tract in Buthidaung Township of Arakan state are under attack by village administrating group since Friday night.

Kyauk Phyu Thar Thay Kan village tract administrator Maung Saw Hla, Hundred Households Head Abdul Rahim, some ten household heads and about ten Rakhine extremists are attacking the Rohingyas from Thay Kan hamlet since May 2nd night. They are beating the people, assaulting the women, destroying things and looting, according to locals.

The village administrating group continues the attack again tonight that was launched on Friday night.

“Before they enter the houses they said they are going to check the household registration papers and guest list. Then they start beating anyone they saw in front of them. They attack any elderly men, women and children. They are assaulting the women. They are doing these things. against anything they see with their eyes. Their torturing is intolerable now. We should have rights to protect ourselves but we will be killed and tortured again by the government if we are going to protect ourselves. That’s why we are being forced to tolerate any situation.” a villager told RB News

“Village administrator Maung Saw Hla, Hundred Households Heads and Ten Households Heads are always torturing us. So we sent a complaint letter to Buthidaung Township administrator Than Shwe. But they have not taken any action against by Than Shwe. It seems they were issued the license to torture the people by Township villagers as the attack is like they have official permit to do so.” the villager continued. 

In this attack, no Hlun Htaine nor police are involved but only village administrating group is doing so because they will not have any action taken against them and they are now behaving like licensed gangsters.

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