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A Shop In Taung Pyo Let Wal Was Looted By Two Bamar And Beat The Shopkeeper

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May 4, 2014

Taung Pyo Let Wal, Arakan – A Rohingya owned shop in Taung Pyo Let Wal sub-township in Maungdaw District of Arakan State was looted by two Bamar and the shopkeeper was inhumanely beaten by them. 

Today May 4, 2014 at 1 pm, a Rohingya shop situated in the enterance of Kyun Pauk Sin Owe village in Taung Pyo Let Wal sub-township was looted and the shopkeeper was inhumanely beaten by two Bamar Buddhists identified as Aung Ko Latt S/o Min Maung (Age 25) and Aung Ye Naing S/o Ye Myint (Age 22) from Natala village in Ward (2) of Taung Pyo Let Wal sub-township.

The robbers arrived by motorbike at the above-mentioned shop and asked the shopkeeper to sell them two liters of petrol. While the shopkeeper, Ali Miah S/o Kadir Hussein (Age 15) was filling the petrol inside the motorbike, a robber entered into the shop and took cash, about 60,000 Kyat from the cash box. Then both robbers started beating the shopkeeper boy. The shopkeeper boy shouted to save him from the attack of the robbers. The villagers came promptly and arrested the robbers, according to locals. 

The villagers handed over the robbers to the village administrator of Kyun Pauk Sin Owe village. The village administrator informed the incident to the sub-township administrator. Later, the clerk, Maung Myat from sub-township administration and Ward (2) administrator came to the village and took the robbers with them. It is unclear whether the robbers were handed over to the police for the punishment or not.

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