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Plight of Burma minority is highlighted by Bradford MP

March 1, 2014

A Bradford MP has highlighted in Parliament the persecution of the Rohingya people in Burma.

David Ward (Lib Dem, Bradford East) has called on the Government to work to establish an international investigation into violations of international law against the Rohingyas.

He has tabled an Early Day Motion to raise the issue.

He said: “The Burmese government has proved time and time again that it is clearly not willing to take substantial action to either investigate or end violence and discrimination against the Rohingya people.”

  1. Your Excellency: You will be another milestone in the history of the international community's war on terror and 'Apartheid Regime' of Burma for the most persecuted ethnic minority of the world- the Rohingyas. And we will always be indebted to you and all the peaceloving people on this planet who are not willing to accept the injustice and the killing frenzy of this fanatic regime and who are also willing to fight to end Genocide against the defenseless Ruhingyas.

    God Bless You.

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