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Three Rohingya Houses Torched In Duchiradan

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February 25, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan – Three Rohingya houses were torched in Duchiradan village tract in Maungdaw Township of Arakan State.

Today at 2:30 am three Rohingya houses from Fursi hamlet in Duchiradan village tract were torched. The owners of the houses were away from their homes as they left to escape the violence on January 13th and 14th committed by local police and Rakhine extremists. The houses were empty when they were torched by unknown group. 

The locals said this wasn’t a normal fire that broke out; it was an arson attack by either Rakhine extremists or the security police. 

Rakhine state government and union government always used to accuse that the Rohingyas themselves were torching their homes. This of course is totally unacceptable as no normal person would do such a thing. The government never mentioned about the crimes committed by the police and their puppets, the Rakhine extremists. Last month the government has made some fake photos and presented them to the diplomats in Yangon. 

The owners of the three houses in Duchiradan are:

(1) Daw Hamida 
(2) Daw Mariam Khatoo (aka) Bottarni 
(3) U Osi Rahn

MYARF contributed in reporting.

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