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Urgent Humanitarian Assistance Needed For Returnees In Duchiradan

Returnees at the school in Duchiradan

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January 24, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan – Local residents who have recently returned to Duchiradan (Kiladong) village in Maungdaw township of Arakan state, say that urgent humanitarian assistance is badly needed. About 200 women and children have thus far returned to Duchiradan. They returned on January 23rd and are currently taking shelter in the school in the village.

Member of Parliament U Shwe Maung posted a message on twitter and urged President Thein Sein to provide emergency assistance to all villagers affected by the recent violence in Duchiradan. He also urged UN Humanitarian Affairs and Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos to help in collaboration with the government of Myanmar as quickly as possible. He added that the villagers are badly in need of food and clothing.

The returnees said that they didn’t want to return to the village for fear that the Rakhine extremists from the surrounding Rakhine villages such as Kin Chaung, Kaye Myaing and Bawdi Gone can attack them at any time. However, they were urged to return to the village by members of Rakhine state parliament Dr. Bashir Ahmed and U Aung Myo Min. As they have lost all of their belongings after escaping from the village, they are in need of urgent assistance to rebuild their lives. 

The returnees to Duchiradan said the death toll can be higher than 100 but they will be able to confirm once all residences can return to the village. Duchiradan had 4000 people who resided there before being killed, raped, mutilated, arrested and driven out on January 14. 

Although the Myanmar government denied the reports by international media, many villagers reported the truth to the members of state parliament Dr. Bashir Ahmed and U Aung Myo Min. A Rohingya activist, Nay San Lwin urged two state parliament members to release a statement based on the facts given by local villagers during the visit to Gawduthara village on January 22, 2014 with Arakan state chief minister. It is unknown yet whether the statement will be released by them. All the truths of killing innocent Rohingyas in Duchiradan will be revealed if two state parliaments would dare to be outspoken.

The women returned to Duchiradan said not only they lost their properties but they also lost their husbands and children. They added that the international inquiry commission intervention will be very helpful for their lost as they do not trust the local authorities and the state government. Even now they are in fear to live, as at any time they could be attacked by Rakhine extremists in nearby villages. 

The village, Duchiradan was empty and the houses were partially destroyed when the villagers returned to the village.

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