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ARU-DG Speaks At Events In Europe: Emphasizes On Concerted Global Efforts To End The Crisis In Arakan

The Rohingya human rights event in Helsinki
Dr. Wakar Uddin discusses the priorities for global concerted efforts with Special Envoy Dr. Kimmo Kiljunen.
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December 5, 2013

The Hague, Netherlands - The Director General of ARU, Dr. Wakar Uddin, and members of ARU Regional Coordination Council, Global Rohingya Centre, and Majlis-e-Jaalia of Makkah, participated in a number of events in Europe, wrapping up the activities in Europe with the official launch of the Global Rohingya Centre-Media Operation at The Hague, Netherlands. Dr. Uddin was invited to speak at the Global Peace and Unity (GPU) Festival in London on Rohingya issues. Dr. Ahmed Baghdadi, Mohammed Ayub, and several members of the Majlis-e-Jaalia accompanied Dr. Uddin to the GPU event. At the event, Dr. Uddin spoke about the indigeneity of Rohingya people to Arakan, the current human rights violations, ethnic cleansing, and violence against Rohingya by Buddhist Rakhine mobs and followers of the radical monk Wirathu, the IDP (internally displaced persons) camps. In his address, Dr. Uddin also appealed to the international community to sustain momentum for support of the Rohingya ethnic minority in Burma. He asked the global community to make collective efforts to help the cause of Rohingya. “We ask you to talk to your Government, NGOs, and Muslim, Christian, and Jewish neighbors to support the cause; so that a concerted effort can be brought in by the international community to put the pressure on Burmese Government to solve this issue”. Dr. Uddin said.

In Helsinki, Finland, an event on Rohingya human rights was organized by the Islamic community of Helsinki, following the exposition that took place concurrently with the GPU Festival in London. The exposition and Rohingya human rights events were attended by several government officials, NGOs, and the communities of Helsinki. In the Rohingya human rights event at the Grand Marina Hotel, Dr. Kimmo Kiljunen, the special envoy of the Foreign Minister of Finland, HE Ilari Rantakari, Chairman of FOKUS, Kristina Rintakoski, Advocacy Director of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dr. Wakar Uddin, and several dignitaries spoke on Rohingya issues. The theme of the speech by all the speakers echoed the needs for global awareness of the crisis in Arakan and increased efforts by the international community to put an end to the human right violations that are taking place in Arakan. There was slight optimism which was carefully expressed by the speakers on addressing the issue on the Burmese Government.

In Rotterdam, Netherlands, the Rohingya human rights event also highlighted the plights of Rohingya. Mr. Nourdeen Wildeman and Dr. Wakar Uddin spoke at the event. The Global Rohingya Centre at The Hague also convened a meeting with dignitaries and Dutch community activists on developing strategies for stepping up Rohingya advocacy in the European Union. Dr. Wakar Uddin inaugurated the launching of the Media Operations at the Global Rohingya Centre at The Hague.

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