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BROUK Urge To Take Immediate Actions Against Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing On Rohingyas At European Parliament Panel

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November 30, 2013

BROUK has urged to take immediate actions ongoing ethnic cleansing on Rohingyas at Panel discussion which took place at the European Parliament. To put pressure on EU policy makers on 28th November 2013.

The Rohingya Panel includes Jean Lambert, Member of European Parliament (MEP), Greg Constantine, an award winning photographer, Tun Khin President of Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK, Lotte Liecht, Director from European Human Rights Watch Office and Jenny Correia Nunes from European Commission. Many Human rights NGOs, MEP’s staff attended the discussion.

MEP, Jean Lambert, mentioned at the discussion that despite improvements in Burma, Rohingya remain a persecuted minority. The Rohingya people are still being treated as unwanted people. Facing violence, rape torture and killings.

Greg Costantine spoke about his first hand experience of the situation of Rohingya people. Capturing the pain and suffering of these people that have been denied everything in life, their home, their family, their religion, their own existence.

Tun Khin raised the current situation of Rohingya people and said to RB News “It is very good having a Rohingya Panel discussion in European Parliament. This Parliament has to stop immediately ongoing ethnic cleansing on Rohingya and to find out permanent solution of the Rohingya people”. 

BROUK urged European Parliament members to immediately make the following actions. 

1. Concerted international pressure should be exerted on the Burmese government to end ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya people, to release forthwith all those who have been unlawfully arrested, and to stop spreading anti-Muslim sentiment and activities across Burma. 

2. A UN Commission of Inquiry should be sent to Arakan immediately in order to publicly announce the true findings and to bring those responsible to justice. 

3. It is vital that UN intervenes in the matter, on grounds of humanitarianism, for the specific purpose of preventing or alleviating widespread suffering or death. 

4. Repeal or amend the 1982 Citizenship Law to conform to international law standards and bring about all other desired changes. 

5. No segregation; and immediate rehabilitation of the displaced Rohingyas in their original properties and places, with full security, and evict those Rakhine vigilantes who intruded on their land, properties and houses. 

Jenny Correia Nunes mentioned about aid provided by European Commission Humanitarian Office and will increase more in future. 

At the same time European parliament is hosting in its turn the same photographic exhibition that is being presented at the Holocaust memorial museum in Washington. Greg Constantine, an award winning photographer, will be presenting from the 26th of November.

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