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A Rohingya Child Killed And Tents Destroyed By Military In Pauktaw

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November 8, 2013

Pauktaw, Arakan – The military in Pauktaw destroyed the tents of Rohingya refugees from Nget Chaung. A young girl was killed by them. The refugees are having trouble as their tents were destroyed.

The Rohingya refugees from Nget Chaung moved to Sin Tet Maw refugee camp in May 2013 to escape the cyclone storm. A few days ago a Rohingya refugee was killed by Rakhine thugs while searching firewood in the mountain nearby Sin Tet Maw village. On the same day another Rohingya was shot dead by police and five sustained injuries. He later died in Sittwe General Hospital. 

Following the violence, Rakhine extremists protested against INGOs based in Pauktaw and the INGOs were forced to move from there. Afterward, the military forced the refugees from Nget Chaung in Sin Tet Maw to Nget Chaung. 

The refugees said they are afraid to move to Nget Chaung for the real possibility that they will be attacked by Rakhines. The refugees keep refusing to move. They are being forced by military and police. This morning the military came in to the camp and destroyed tents. A young girl, two year old Anuwar Begum, daughter of Halu was mercilessly killed by soldiers according to the refugees. After killing, the soldiers forced the girl’s mother to sign that the girl was not killed by them. 

Reportedly many refugees were inhumanely beaten for refusing to move back to Nget Chaung.

(Photo: The Guardian)

  1. Interesting that these series of events forced the government relocation plans on Rohingya IDPs that had refused them. Rakhine humanitarian coordination documents found at
    reveal that Nge Chaung IDPs refused to return to Nge Chaung because it was farther from international attention and assistance, surrounded by Rakhine Buddhists villages which had shown aggression toward the Rohingya and is an area that floods in the rainy season.

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