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Wirathu and his hate crimes background (Translated by Dr. Zarni)

By Dr. Maung Zarni

Zarni: Do NOT sign the 969 Marriage Law draft and educate your family, neighbors, and friends about the enveloping "Buddhist" Nazism in Myanmar. 

Only 2.5 million signatures for that Nazi law, in a 50-plus million people country. 

Nazis are a minority in Myanmar. The majority need to start fighting back. 


Aung Lion: Wirathu's background in the interests of the public (translated by Zarni)

"The Venerable Wirathu has been actively promoting religious hatred towards other faith-based communities for more than 10 years.

Instead of preaching the Buddha Dharma, he has done only two things: 1) dishing out scathing attacks against the Vipassana Meditation methodologies which the Venerable Tant-kyi-Taung (a famous mountain range on the west bank of the Irrawaddy across from the ancient city of Pagan in the Dry Zone), despite the fact that there is allowed freedom to pursue one's own practices and 2) spreading religious bigotry among the Buddhist monks and lay public.

In Kyaukse (Than Shwe's birthplace) in 2003, I saw with my own eyes the police and security troops turning away truck loads of Saffron Robed Burmese monks armed with machetes/swords coming in Dinar buses (imported used light trucks from Japan converted as passenger buses since around 1980's). They surely were responding to Wirathu's hate-driven call to acts against the Muslims. I can never erase that sight from my memory.

After his release from prison where he was jailed for inciting religious violence and tarnishing the image of Buddhism, he resumed his original mission: inciting religious hatred and mass violence against the Muslims. 

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is that Wirathu seems to always know ahead of any mass violence acts (against the Muslims). Instead of informing the authorities and working together to prevent these mass atrocities from happening he continues to be complicit in them.

For sure, Wirathu is collaborating with the regime's intelligence services, with the view towards the upcoming election in 2015. Both the regime and Wirathu are pursuing their old delusional mission of preventing any inter-faith marriages in Burma. 

I have been posting notes about Wirathu of late so that the public can be informed about him and his background"

Zarni's note: I have a collection of speeches by Wirathu and his seniors including the Venerable Nyar-neik-tha-ya (Thi-da-gu Sayadaw) dated 2003. I will see if I can find ways to upload them. These men and their bigoted views are extremely harmful to the country, national and ethnic reconciliation and contributing to the rise of Nazi- worldviews disguised as 'Buddhism.

If you are a Buddhist and concerned about the mass atrocities against theMuslims and the Rohingya and the attacks on other people's religions - such as Christianity, Hinduism, and other monotheism the least you can do is speak out. 

Do NOT sign the 969 Marriage Law draft and educate your family, neighbors, and friends about the enveloping "Buddhist" Nazism in Myanmar.

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