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NaSaKa’s Raids and Destruction of Rohingyas’ Properties

RB News 
May 13, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan - Around 9pm on 11th May 2013, NaSaKa (Border Security Force) and Police raided the village of Saindar (Than Dar), Southern Maung Daw. They arrested and beat three Rohingya men. The three Rohingyas were released them after the extortion of money and some live stocks. 

“At 9pm, on 11th May 2013 night, NaSaKa, Military and Police numbering around forty in total raided the village of Saindar. Thus, many Rohingya men went into hiding as they often get arbitrarily arrested. People are afraid of NaSaKa because of their (NaSaKa’s) arrests from their workplaces and while passing by and extortion of huge amount of money” said a nearby villager to RB News

However, there were three Rohingya men in three households who didn’t go into hiding. NaSaKa arrested them and extorted money from them. 

“There were three Rohingya men who didn’t escape and remained in their houses. NaSaKa, Military and Police beat them brutally. They extorted Kyat 50'000 and a Chicken from each of the arrestees and released them later” he added. 

“In the houses where there were no men remained, they destroyed pots and plates. In fact, they broke everything in their sight. They are bullying Rohingyas every day with their weapon power. By their ruthless behaviours, it has become apparent that they are carrying out all the brutalities in order to drive us out from the country” he opened up. 

The profiles of the three Rohinyas beaten and got their money extorted are: 

(1) U Noor Amin S/o U Fazal Ahmed 47 
(2) U Abdur Rashid S/o U Iman Hussain 50 
(3) Hafiz Hashim Ullah S/o ? 25.

(Translated into English by Maung Aurther)

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