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Arakan News Update: Ever Worsening Situation of Rohingyas in Arakan

Nyi Nyi Aung
RB News
December 16, 2012

Maung Daw, Arakan - Eight NaSaKas (Border Security Force) including officer Aung Naing from Camp Base (14), Region (NayMyay)-6 arrested many innocent Rohingyas from the village of Shweza Alay Ywa, Shweza (Shujah) village tract on 12th December 2012. There were severely tortured during the detention. The following day, Rohingyas were released after the extortion of huge amount of money. 

“They were arbitrarily arrested and severely tortured. The profiles of these unfortunate Rohingyas are:

  1. Nabi Huson S/O U Noor Islam (45-yrs old) (Extorted Amount: Ks-180,000-) 
  2. Ibrahim Khalil S/O U Sam Meah (60-yrs old) (Extorted Amount: Ks-120,000-)
  3. Ziabuddin S/O U Zakaria (40-yrs old) (Extorted Amount: Ks-100,000-) 
  4. Abdu Shukkor S/O U Noor Huson (40-yrs old) (Extorted Amount: Ks-50,000-)
  5. Noor Alam S/O U Noor Huson (35-yrs old) (Extorted Amount: Ks-50,000-) 
  6. Abul Hashim S/O U Abdu Rahman (50-yrs old) (Extorted Amount: Ks-100,000-)
Rohingyas had to pay the amounts to the authority for their lives. They were threatened that if they didn’t pay money, they would be blacklisted as rioters and supporters of the recent violence in Maung Daw” said Rohingya Elder from a nearby village. 

Police (including a police officer Thein Htay) and Judge (who are themselves extremist Rakhines) have arbitrarily made a list of many innocent Rohingyas from the age of 10 and above in Maung Daw that accuses them to be the rioters and culprits of the violence. And the court has issued arrest warrant against them. They have made the list to arrest and torture Rohingyas, extort money from them and finally to drive them out of Arakan. 

Minbya, Arakan - The Military from Cantonment (Tetyin)-379 severely tortured many poor Rohingya farmers at Let Taw Ywe Village (Kyun Aouk), Setkyar Village Tract in Minbya Township and extorted money from them. The two-star ranking Major Zaw Thet Paing and Sergeant Myint Mouh arrested and tortured many Rohingya farmers in the said village on 14th December 2012. They were released after the extortion of money. “Their details are as follow.

  1. Zahid Huson @ Maung Ni and his son (Extorted Amount: Ks-60,000-) 
  2. Khin Maung Shwe (Extorted Amount: Ks-30,000-) 
  3. Alam (Extorted Amount: Ks-25,000-) 
  4. Noor Kudu (Extorted Amount: Ks-25,000-) 
  5. Abdul plus 12-farmers (Extorted Amount: Ks-260,000- Remark: Ks-20,000-per head)
  6. Noor Mohammad plus Rafic (Extorted Amount: Ks-70,000-) 
  7. Noor Islam (Extorted Amount: Ks-70,000-) 
  8. Kurshid (Extorted Amount: Ks-30-000-) 
They were all farmers watching out their harvested paddy fields from thieves all day and night. These farmers said they were harassed by the in-charge of the cantonment (379). Sadly, they (Kular Rohingyas as called by the in-charge) were threatened by the mentioned in-charge that they would be arrested and handed over to Police if they kept claiming for justice. In fact, these military were brought there to safeguard people, not to torture them. Beside, Rohingyas have been providing chickens, ducks and goats for their daily food stuffs” reported by a Rohingya from the township on the condition of anonymity. 

Pauk Taw, Arakan - According to a local, Internally Displaced Rohingya Refugees in Pauk Taw Township were ordered by the authorities to return to their own villages on December 15, 2012. But Rohingyas appealed following to the authority: refugees rejected the order for the under mentioned conditions as;

  1. To build houses for their burnt homes on their land. 
  2. To allow Rohingyas to participate in security affairs. 
  3. To locate separated and other displaced Rohingyas back to their original Villages and Townships. 
Authority didn’t reply anything. So, displaced Rohingyas are on hold. 

Edited by M.S. Anwar.

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