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Rohingya Deny the Baseless and Biased News by VOA and RFA this Morning By Nyi Nyi Aung on Behalf of Rohingya Community

Saturday, 13th October 2012 ,Sittwe, Arakan- Last night (i.e. on 12th October 2012 night) Rakhine extremist in the downtown of Sittwe surrounded the remaining Rohingyas and their villages. Thousands of Rohingyas would have been killed in a few hours had not Military been there in time to control the situation. In reality, some current targets of Rakhine extremists are killing Rohingyas, burning down their properties, raping their women and under-aged girls and confiscation of their lands.

But the contradicting news (to the reality) broadcasted by VOA and RFA this morning shocked and awestruck the Rohingya community in Arakan. The news was baseless, biased and mishandling of the media. To tell the truth, spreading hatred, pretending and lying are some of the propaganda that Rakhine extremists are withholding to cover up their crimes. Rakhine media and other Burmese media are doing serious harms to Rohingya community in the ongoing violence.

Since 1942, Rakhine extremists have been planning to make Arakan free of Rohingyas and Muslims. In addition, a systematic ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas was initiated by the then dictator, Gen. Ne Win and his followers. Likewise, 1982 Citizenship Law was a creation of Ne Win and Rakhine radicals to depopulate Rohingya population number. As of today, the atrocities against Rohingyas are preplanned attempts by the Burmese regime and Rakhine extremists to root out Rohingyas from Arakan.

As to the false news broadcasted by VOA and RFA this morning, Rohingyas demand an apology and to make correction to the news.

Edited by M.S. Anwar

  1. On behalf of ethnic Rohingya, I am from here strongly denounce the VOA burmese service regarding our sincere sentiment for insulting 2.5 million Rohingya worldwide, by deliberately branding us as Bengali instead of our historical racial name of Rohingya. You are living in a country where human value is enrished day by day, emancipation is introduced to improve the digity of it's citizen, but why you are so ignorant and disregard the even a name of a race, who are firmly inclined to be ethnice Rohingya in any circumstances. For instance, when someone insult you, calling your name with the unrelated insulted name, think a bit please how u'll feel in this situation! I think you all will realize our strong sentiment by your deliberately disregard of the name of race whose population is almost 2.5 million in Burma and abroad.

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