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Wirathu and Anti-Muslim Campaigns | Htay Lwin Oo

On 2nd September 2012, in the name of supporting the President, an anti-Muslim campaign will legally be held leading by Chief Monk WIRATHU (Ma-Soe Yein) titled Baddan-Tawi-SeitTa-Biwentha, head of the Damma-Thahaaya School of Mandalay New Masuyein Monastery. 

The agenda of his campaign is to “Put Rohingyas in the Refugee Camps and Send Them to Third Countries.” This is the first speech of the President Thein Sein to the UNHCR Chief Antonio Guterres concerning Rohingyas. U Thein Sein himself gradually stepped back after he had said the same speech when he realized that he was regarded as the one who had been leading or supporting the Rohingya genocides and international community have been trying to bring him into the International Criminal Court (ICC). USA and other western countries regarded him as a reform-minded president and his stepping back from his earlier stand gradually deemed his direct involvement in the crimes. 

The instigator of the riot between Buddhists and Muslims in Kyauk Se Township, Wirathu, has himself given the leads in burning and killing Muslim families there. Now he, Wirathu, is continuing his conspiracies to kill and oust all Muslims by portraying a picture into the simple and honest minds of ordinary Burmese people that Rohingya means all Muslims. According to him, by showing their supports to the President speech and using it as their ground, they will continue oppressing Muslims. In hisfacebook,, he mentions a paragraph on his own definition of JIHAD as his back-up for the campaign. 

If they only want to racially target and attack Rohingyas, there is no point in his using of the word “JIHAD” which is related to all Muslims. What he is trying to say and portray is that Muslims are doing JIHAD and using force to increase their members in Myanmar and hence it is necessary to attack all the Muslims so that they can’t come into Burma any longer. Therefore, it is obvious that they will attack and oppress all Muslims in Myanmar by manipulating the Rohingya case. 

Wirathu, he himself, knows that Muslims in Myanmar, historically, have never done any such JIHAD as he defines. Similarly, he also knows that there is no reason for Muslims in Myanmar to do such JIHAD in the future. However, the way he has been translating and spreading the news and literatures of anti-Islam campaigners in foreign countries by being In-Charge is clearly indicating that he maliciously wants to attack Muslims in Myanmar. Therefore, he has been a conspirer of carrying out genocides against other races and human beings in saffron against the Monk-Way of life. It has become questionable whether the effort to kill and cleanse Myanmar Muslims by manipulating the happenings in other parts of the world is a part of a Buddhist Monk’s life and his honour. The words “Oust these people” used by a Monk will be taken as “Kill or cleanse these people” by the ordinary people. The world is now disgusted and fed up of these Monks with Metta (loving-kindness) who are saying something and practically doing something else. 

We will also make our own efforts to let the world watch his (Wirathu’s) behavior and acts and every movement of his supporters. 

The Programs of the Campaign 

The talks on and the propaganda of the world’s revolutionary groups will be conveyed: 

       1) In Chan-Aye-Tha-Zan Township, Maha-Aung-Mye Township and Aung-Mye-Tha-Zan    on Sunday, 2nd September, 2012 
    2) In Pye-Gyi-Tan-Khun Township and Chan-Mya-Tha-Se Township on Monday 3rd September 2012 
     3) And in Amara-Pura Township on 4th September 2012 respectively. The campaign will go on for non-stop three days. 

The Campaign to Show Supports to the President 

“It will be the campaign that we will show our supports to the President’s stand on the Arakan violence and that we will condemn Mr. Quintana.” 

Aims or Purposes 

- To let the world know that the so-called Rohingya Bengalis are not citizens of Burma 

- To let the world know that all Burmese citizens condemn the terrorisms of Bengalis 

- To protect and give securities to the door of Rakhine state and Rakhines by the government 

In the banner No.1, 

There will be a photo of the President with “the Tick or Right Symbol” on it and that of Mr. Quintana with “the Cross.” Besides, the words “Save Your Mother Land, Myanmar by Supporting the President” will be written on the banner. 

In the Banner No.2, 

The three speeches of the President will be written by putting the photos of the President and UNHCR Chief Antonio in the background. The three speeches are: 

       1) The so-called illegal Rohingyas are threatening the country’s peace and solidarity 
       2) We will hand over Rohingyas to UNHCR and put them in the refugee camps 
       3) We will send them to third countries if there any to accept. 

Only these two banners will be allowed to use and fifteen hand-banners are banned. 

The campaigning hours is reduced to one hour from two hours. Besides, gathering places, targets and roads are also changed. 

The Places and the Timetables for Sunday, 2nd September 2012
(Wakaung La’Sok 1) 

       1) In Chan-Aye-Tha-Zan Township 
           At 12:00 Noon, people will start to gather at 33x79 Road Junction 
           At 1:00 PM, People will start marching. 
          It will start from Road No.33 along the Road No. 79 and will end at the end of road no. 26-B. 
           Marching Time: 1 Hour 
           At 1:30 Pm, Securities will be provided. 
         2) In Maha-Aung-Mye Township, 
           At 1:30 PM, people will start to gather at 80x35 Road Junction 
           At 2:30 PM, People will start marching 
            It will start from Road No.80 along the Road No. 35 to the end of road no. 80. 
          Along Road No. 84 from No. 35 to the Paung-Lay Condominium at the Road No.39 Angle 
           It will end the Paung-Lay Condominium 
           Marching Period: 1 hour 
        3) In Aung-Mye-Tha-Zan Township, 
           People will start to gather at 3:00 PM 
           At Road-12x80, the angle to the north-west of the Drain 
        Marching will start at 4:00 PM along the Road No. 80 from the West of the Drain towards the South 
          At the Road No. 19, we will take West and March to the Nyaung Pin Market at the Road No. 86 
            It will end at the road No. 12 from Nyaung Pin Market 
            Marching period: 1 hour 

Anyone who wants to participate, to help, to donate and to feed people in this campaign will be able to do so without any restrictions irrespective to his or her religion and race. 

To Contact: 
        1) Chan-Aye-Tha-Zan Township 
            U Ti Law Ka------ ----------------------------09-402581411 
            U Maung Maung San (Tin Pya Dan) -----09-73504622 
        2) Maha-Aung-Mye Township 
            Daw Thaung Thaung Myint-------- --------09-43101964 
            Ko Ye Tun------------------------------------ 09-402625838 
         3) Aung-Mye-Tha-Zan Township 
            U Myint Aung (Shwe Oo Nyan)------------ 09-43170214 
            Ma Myint Myint Kyi-------------------------- 09-402577249 

Who and how can anyone in the world believe the childish shouting and nonsense of Wirathu telling the world that Rohingyas are invaders? The world and international community have already known Rohingyas as one of the world’s most persecuted people. That is what they are, fascist Wirathu in the saffron!!! 

Written by Htay Lwin Oo 
Translated into English by M.S. Anwar

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