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Breaking News: New Bids to Recreate Violence against Rohingyas Failed


Friday, 28th September 2012

Sittwe, Arakan- This afternoon, around 200 Rakhine extremists surrounded Aung Mingalar Quarter trying to attack Rohingyas in the area and torch their houses as if making them (Rohingyas) die with starvation by cutting their ways of access to foods and medicines and pressuring them to leave their houses are not enough and satisfactory( for Rakhine Extremists). There were no security forces in placed to protect Rohingyas’ lives.

“There were around 3000 Rakhines together with extremist Rakhine Monks with Lethal weapons gathered and surrounded Rohingyas’ areas for hours in an attempt to recreate violence against the already crippled Rohingya community in Sittwe. They demanded all Rohingyas to come out of their houses; otherwise they would kill each and every Rohingya in the area. They have been plotting to kill remaining Rohingyas for a few days.
Some of villages surrounded by the Rakhine extremists with their Monks are:
1)         Hoshai Para
2)         Mowlake (Moulvi Para)
3)         Aung Mingalar (Handi Hola, Amla Para)
Rakhine Extremist Mobs started gathering this afternoon at Uttama Park.  Despite presence of authority in the area, Rakhine Mob could proceed with hand-made guns and knives etc and surround the remaining Rohingya areas in the town of Sittwe. Fortunately for Rohingyas this time, Military took action rather quickly to prevent the attacks of Rakhine extremists. Military in the area declared “we have got the shooting order and will shoot at anyone no matter which party start the violence” said Maung Oo from Sittwe. Therefore, Rakhines could not proceed and their plot to kill Rohingyas in Sittwe failed according to the latest report. However, Rakhine extremists did smash some military trucks.
“Later, when asked by the authority why they wanted to create the violence again, the Monks vehemently replied “we wanted to kill them because a 14-year-old Rakhine boy was missing and he was killed by those Bengali Kulars.” Yet, when authority investigated about the boy, he was found sleeping in his house” reported by a local of Aung Mingalar Quarter on the condition of anonymity.

Maung Daw, Arakan- This morning, a Rohingya from Bomu Para was severely Rakhine hooligans without any reason.
“This afternoon in Maung Daw, too, Rakhine Extremists were entering Rohingyas areas in the downtown region such as Quarter 3, Quarter 4, Quarter 5 and Dil Para with Knives, hand-made guns and other guns provided by the authority. Besides, some Rakhine hooligans were seen roaming around Quarter 2 in Maung Daw. Rakhines along with NaSaKa were shouting slogans against Rohingyas in Maung Daw. In Maung Daw as well, the military took similar action as they did in Sittwe. But it was very difficult for the military to control the situation. So far, no burning or dead casualties are recorded yet” reported A. Faiz from Maung Daw.

The new attempt to commit genocide against Rohingyas is the direct result of the recent conference held by Rakhine extremists in Rathedaung. It is also an attempt by Rakhine extremists to kill Rohingyas as many as possible in the time they have because as they are losing the debate going on in Nay Pyi Daw regarding the history of Arakan. It is also because they can’t fool people any longer with their made-up stories of Arakan.

I suspect whether it is another attempt by Rakhine extremists to extend the period of Martial Law declared in the region similar to what they did last time by targeting Rohingyas in Kyauk Taw township! 

Compiled by M.S. Anwar


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